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Dust Control

Soil Solutions® provides the most effective Dust Control Solutions for Unpaved Gravel Roads:

Dust Control for Unpaved Roads using EBS Soil stabilizer

EBS-Engineered Base Stabilizer for dust control

 EBS™ is an Engineered Nano Polymer Solution that is a key component of the Intelligent Road Solutions™ combined technology provided by Soil Solutions

EBS™ applied as a Surface Seal to properly prepared unpaved or gravel roads will provide effective dust control or Dust abatement as this sealed surface protects the road from erosion, material loss, crack and pothole formation.

On unpaved roads EBS™ delivers beyond other products as it eliminates the need for costly wearing course remediation requiring grading, rolling and watering for Dust Control therefore allowing for significant maintenance reduction, water use reduction and substantial savings.

Improved roads leads to cost savings

EBS™ the sustainable solution for road upgrades, as EBS™ applied as a surface seal allows for a sealed surface – exceptional dust control and negates the need for bitumen or asphalt to pave or tar the surface.  This is another example of Science being applied to provide sustainable infrastructure solutions, which provide a decreased environmental footprint.

Above all, the incorporation of EBS™ Surface Seal and Dust Control application provides safe driving conditions characterized by increased visibility and fuel efficiency and comprehensively reduced maintenance.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

EBS™ provides the ideal solution for underdeveloped countries for road infrastructure development and road improvement programs

EBS™ a complete solution for Gravel Roads. Consider it Solved.
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Dust Control Project References:

  1. Anglo American Modikwa
  2. Palabora Haul Road
  3. Kipoi Haul Road
  4. Bamburi Access Road
  5. Luita Haul Road
  6. Palabora Plant Roads
  7. Great Basin Gold
  8. Al Ain Radio Control Race Track
  9. Malange Dry Container Port Facility

Dust Control for Gravel Airstrips

Soil Solutions® through its Intelligent Road Solutions™ technology provides the answer for safe, sustainable airstrips with reduced impact on the environment.

Unsealed airstrips pose several dust control challenges including:

  • poor visibility
  • tyre wear
  • damage to aircraft
  • poor skid resistance in wet conditions
  • intensive surface maintenance requirements
  • remote locations often pose challenges for equipment and maintenance

Many gravel airstrips are in environmentally sensitive areas where cement or paving is not feasible or even on option.

Using EBS™ as a soil stabilizer in the wearing course layer and as a Surface Seal will provide for a safe airstrip with the following benefits:

  • Complete dust control
  • Increased visibility (high visibility on approach)
  • Reduced maintenance for aircraft
  • Reduced Surface Maintenance
  • Improved Aircraft acceleration
  • Safe for Emergency Reverse Thrust
  • Highly Visible Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
  • Reduced Rolling Resistance
  • Increased Skid Resistance
  • Not Slippery when wet
  • Reduced Environmental Impact

EBS™ is completely environmentally safe for wildlife, vegetation, flora and fauna.

Using EBS™ on a gravel airstrip will preserve the natural look while allowing for a safer and sustainable airstrip.

EBS™ the solution for gravel airstrip dust control.


EBS-Engineered Base Stabilizer for dust control

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Dust Control Project References:

  1. Kahama Airstrip
  2. Tulawaka Airstrip

Dust Control for Plant Areas

Durasolution Dust Control for Plant Areas
Dust Control for Plant Areas – Staging Areas – Pit Roads all pose challenges in terms of safe and effective dust control.

These areas are populated with heavy equipment, tracked vehicles, and are in constant use. The type, weight and shear volume of the traffic in these areas do not allow for a stabilized surface as it would not be cost effective.

DURASOLUTION™ provides the Dust Control solution.

Durasolution™  is a non-slippery, crystal clear, odorless, environmentally compliant, sustainable compaction aid and wetting agent that is the most effective dust abatement solution available on the market today. Soil Solutions’ proprietary formulation performs continuously and remains unaffected by the pernicious effects of rain and wind. This advanced technology can be applied in wet and freezing conditions, which enhances its appeal and scope. The ability of Durasolution™  to safely and immediately reduce dust while increasing the efficiency of vehicles and equipment, extend tire life and improve road stability are added benefits. With Durasolution™ you are assured of success in every dust abatement program without inhibiting or hindering operations.

Durasolution™  has several key performance points for effective dust control including :

Applied neat – no need for dilution
Starts working immediately upon application
Safe and easy to apply
Can be used for temporary or long term
Compaction aid

The most significant element of the groundbreaking formulation of Durasolution™ is that it is a re-workable soil agglomerate, which is primarily a non-adhesive non-binding “perpetual wetting agent”. Durasolution™  starts working immediately upon contact and continues to perform even when the soil is re-worked, thus effectively eliminating the need for grading, watering or any other form of dust control. The initial application can perform for prolonged periods, with minimal maintenance required. Once the application is complete a re-workable surface is created, no application is ever wasted. The experienced team at Soil Solutions® will develop a specifically tailored program for your dust control requirements, and budget.

Durasolution™  the solution for Pit Roads, Plant and Staging Area dust control. Consider it Solved.

Dust Control Project References:

  1. Palabora
  2. Great Basin Gold
  3. Assmang Cato Ridge

Dust Control on Mine Tailings

Dust Control on Mine Tailings poses a significant challenge to mining operations from implementation to cost factors due to the vast size of tailing structures. Due to encroaching development these tailings are often in sensitive areas or near farms and residential areas which underscores the importance of effective dust control.

The highly trained team at Soil Solutions®  has developed an engineered approach to providing dust control on Mine Tailings Complexes

Soil Solutions® provides a very cost effective, sustainable, environmentally compliant and holistic solution for tailings dust control which utilizes advanced products and a strategic combination of technologies in respect of the treatment and application processes.

The Dust Control solutions provided are a totally advanced concept which will:

  1. Be substantially more efficient than current methods of expensive and maintenance intensive irrigation systems or grassing.
  2. Allow for substantially decreased water usage,
  3. Provide a completely environmentally safe solution.

Tailings Complexes are more than just large deposits of material, and if not treated correctly the structural integrity of the tailings can be negatively affected. The solutions which we provide take into consideration the important factors and challenges which tailings complexes pose.

Soil Solutions® provides a holistic approach which incorporates treatment of the Beach Area, Side Slopes, Day Walls, and Deposition Pipeline Areas of Tailings complexes incorporating important factors such as the deposition cycles which are critical to manage in terms of a dust mitigation sequence, and the positioning of the tailings in respect of the direction of prevailing winds.

Knowledge of Tailings Complex structures, in terms of construction and positioning is important in determining the most effective and efficient means of treatment. As a tailings complex can have 95% of the dust suppressed by effectively treating 25-45% of the entire surface area using different methods, products, application rates and treatment programs that yield the desired outcome.

It has been calculated that the average particulate loss over a given area can be as much a 30 –40 % of the total surface area of which 4-5 % are actually inhalable,(PM 10 and PM 2.5) depending on the type of material being deposited and the environmental conditions surrounding the tailings complex.

EBS™ is applied to specific areas as a surface dust control agent. The application methodology may include the use of the IDM Industrial Dust Machines that can be used in the mine tailings application process as they are mobile and have great reach, and then afterwards be placed at strategic locations of active transfer points for effective dust control. Soil Solutions has developed specifically engineered equipment for applications.

Once a tailings area has been treated with EBS™  for surface dust control, this will be effective for 3-4 years, with no maintenance required.

This new technology and approach to providing dust control on tailings also provides the opportunity for a CER (Carbon Emission Reduction) Credit program based on the implementation of new technology to decrease carbon emissions and reduce environmental damage.

Soil Solutions® applying science and technology for a better world.
 This approach developed by Soil Solutions®  is the wave of today and the future – utilizing a strategic combination of technologies which conquer the dust control challenges the mining industry face in a sustainable and environmentally safe and cost effective manner.

The high performance level of our products coupled with our holistic engineering approach in developing specially tailored solutions allows Soil Solitions to be the leader in Sustainable, Effective, Efficient, Environmentally Compliant Dust Control for MIne Tailings. Consider it Solved.

Dust Control Project Reference:

  1. Eastplats Mine Tailings

Airborne Fallout (airborne dust control)

IDM Industrial Dust Machines

Active Points – Dust Control of Active Points and Airborne Fallout

Dust Control at active points is perhaps the most challenging to provide.

Crushing and Screening Plants, Blasting Areas, Active Stockpiles, Transfer points and conveyor belts all emit dangerous airborne dust particles.

Soil Solutions® provides another innovative approach to the challenging problem of reducing dust fallout from these types of operations and once again deliver the optimal solution, providing effective dust control at active points of location.

The mobile IDM Industrial Dust Machine is the most advanced and powerful force against dust emissions and airborne dust fallout generated by rock crushing, screening, conveyor and transfer points by delivering a matchless ability to manage and mitigate dust fallout which can be attributed to its standalone technology.

The IDM produces micro-mist particles of water that trap dust particles in the air and guide them back to the ground and is a cost efficient way of managing dust fallout that is of inestimable value to construction sites, demolition areas, landfills, mining and quarrying operations, recycling and scrap yards, concrete and aggregate operations, stockpiles, steel and slag piles, conveyor belts, tipping transfer points and shipping ports.

In addition to being capable of suppressing dust and odor over vast areas, the versatility of the IDM machines is impressive due to their mobility, reach and adjustable water consumption. IDM machines are mounted on a trailer and can be transported and positioned exactly as and when needed as well as be programmed to oscillate to further increase coverage.

For maximum dust control….Consider it Solved!
External Generator packages are available for remote or difficult access points. The IDM options range from the IDM Nano, IDM Maxi and IDM Major.

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