As part of the ongoing urban restoration project the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is helping to rehabilitate and revive degraded areas and restore historical locations.

The July 15 Istanbul Memorial Forest consisting of a flag (ceremony) area, a monument, a square, a parking area, and axles (pathways) between the sycamore trees is one of the projects which needed a minor revival with the upgrade of the axles, parking, and entrance areas.

Soil Solutions was contacted for the design, construction, and sealing of these areas using locally available ground sand to create a more natural and visually appealing appearance to eliminate the blowing of the sand.

Steps were taken for the Istanbul Memorial Forest upgrade Project:

The ground sand was mixed, placed, shaped, and compacted creating a smooth surface for the application of an EBS Surface Seal. The EBS Soil Stabilizer was applied in several coats and allowed to penetrate before opening the areas for public use.

The EBS constructed and sealed areas will now be UV and water-resistant, free from erosion and deterioration, prevent any blowing sand, blend in with the surrounding environment and preserve the area for the many visitors to the Memorial Forest.

The EBS Soil Stabilizer is environmentally friendly and safe for flora, fauna, vegetation and wildlife and provides for a safer and healthier environment for those visiting this Memorial area.

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  • Entrance Sign - Istanbul Municipality Project
  • Black Cotton Soil
  • Material brought in
  • Sand used for color
  • Initial placement of material
  • Initial layer of material
  • 1st layer of soil
  • initial material layer
  • sand placement and compaction
  • placement of sand
  • Sand layer
  • Road preparation
  • Testing of application rate and dilution rate
  • Spreading and shaping
  • Sandy pathway
  • Application of EBS Surface Seal
  • Hand Sprayed EBS Surface Seal
  • Lunch break for the crew
  • EBS Surface Seal Istanbul Memorial Park
  • Parking Area EBS Surface Seal - Istanbul Memorial Park
  • Hand spraying of final EBS Surface Seal
  • Final preparation of road
  • Parking area treated with EBS
  • EBS Surface Seal of parking area
  • EBS treated Memorial area
  • Sand parking area sealed with EBS
  • EBS Surface Sealed parking area
  • Final Memorial Area
  • EBS Surface Sealed road
  • Final parking area with EBS Surface Seal
  • Parkng area with new color
  • final parking Area along pathway
  • Clean up along edges
  • Final Parking and Memorial Areas
  • Final Pathway