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Natural Mineral Animal Feed Additives

100% Natural Mineral Animal Feed Additives – TEKNOMINERAL

Natural toxin and heavy metal cleanser.

TEKNOMINERAL is used by mixing into the animal feed in order to get the highest efficiency from the nutrient minerals.


Teknomineral Natural Mineral Animal Feed Additive

Most distinctive Properties of Mineral Animal Feed Additives

Through absorption of water and gases combined with ionic exchange. TEKNOMINERAL stores and slowly releases nitrogen in the digestive systems of animals, leading to more effective use of ammonium ions that form animal protein providing a faster pace of growth.

Benefits of Using TEKNOMINERAL
Natural Mineral Animal Feed Additives

  • Increases the absorption of nutrients from the feed,  resulting in increased benefits from the feed and cost saving.
  • Minimizes bad odours in pens and barns.
  • Balances the moisture ratio in the feed, which eliminates the growth of mould and yeast.
  • Increases the ratio of pelletising for the feed, due to its binding properties.
  • Prevents loss of feed in the silage and improves the feed quality when used in silage construction.

Benefits in Dairy Cattle, Meat Cattle and Sheep

TeknoMineral Natural Mineral Animal Feed Additives:

  • Reduces and Prevents internal diseases 
  • Stops odour
  • Increases weight of offspring 
  • Allows for earlier slaughter of livestock

Natural mineral Animal feed additives for cattle farming

Benefits for Hens and Broilers

TeknoMineral Natural Mineral Animal Feed Additives:

  • Decreases the breakage of eggs 
  • Larger eggs are achieved
  • Eliminates Irregularities on egg shells 
  • Reduces Internal diseases 
  • Increases the benefit ratio from the feed 

Directions for use:

1 Gram of TEKNOMINERAL is recommended to be used per 1 Kilogram of animal live weight. Mix homogeneously before use.

  •  When using TEKNOMINERAL no other animal feed additives should be added.


  • Animal Mineral Feed additives can be used in both bulk and palette feeds
  • The ration for poultry is 2%
  • For cattle and sheep the mix should be mixed at a ratio of 3-4%

Animal Live Weights and Daily Uses

Weight Daily Allowance
50 kg 50gr
100kg 100gr
200kg 200gr
400kg 400gr
600kg 600gr
800kg 800gr

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