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Rolling Resistance – Work Cycle Efficiency of Mining Operations

Rolling Resistance and its Implication on the Work Cycle Efficiency of Mining Operations

In today’s fast paced world, characterized by a constant geopolitical turmoil and rapidly changing prices of commodities; the efficiency and cost effectiveness of a mining operation has never been so important.

Mine Haul Road truck - Rolling Resistance

Mine Haul Trucks are the most commonly used means of mining and hauling of materials. These heavy trucks use a great amount of energy.  The amount of energy used is dependent on many factors including the payload speed, truck engine characteristics, tire pressure, and most importantly, the condition of the haul road

Numerous studies conducted by engineers and mining professionals have shown that surprisingly one of the most overlooked factors that can assist in maximizing the use and performance of haul trucks operational costs is to minimize the rolling resistance.

What is rolling resistance?

Rolling Resistance sometimes referred to as Rolling Friction or Rolling Drag can be described as the force resisting the motion when a body (such as a ball, tire, or wheel) rolls on a surface. It is mainly caused by non-elastic effects; that is, not all the energy needed for deformation (or movement) of the wheel, roadbed, etc. is recovered when the pressure is removed.

Rolling Resistance:

Rolling Resistance for Trucks

*Taken from the Caterpillar Forward Mining, Efficient Haul Roads, A Design & Maintenance Guide

Rolling Resistance affects haulage costs in several ways. The most important cost involved with rolling resistance is the cost of fuel.

Moreover, the rolling resistance and the smoothness of the haul road also affect tire life and wear, and fatigue of haul truck components.

Haul Road conditions directly impact productivity levels and impact:

Efficient Haul Roads
*Taken from the Caterpillar Forward Mining, Efficient Haul Roads, A Design & Maintenance Guide

How to minimize the effect of the rolling resistance?

Soil Solutions provide the ability for mining companies to substantially reduce maintenance & increasing the efficiency of work cycles through the improvement of mine haul and access road networks, which have a direct result of significantly reduced maintenance costs, improved safety, and overall protection of the capital investment.

Below you can see some quantifiable cost saving benefits that can be achieved through the implementation of our products and services:

Improved roads leads to cost savings

The graph above shows how in practice, reduced the rolling resistance of 5% may result in an increase in production by 10% and reduced production costs by 35%. Such findings have enormous significance in view of falling prices of raw materials versus the cost of mining as well as the high maintenance costs of the mine operation.

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Additional benefits 

ONE Application of EBS Surface Seal will protect the stabilized surface from loss of fine material, provide effective dust and erosion control depending on application rate and traffic.  Most importantly this road surface will never require grading or watering, providing a sustainable solution and significantly reduced maintenance delivering Reduced Costs & Benefits.

Another important factor that is strictly correlated to the substantial reduction in diesel use – is the reduction of the CO2 emissions.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

Example of Carbon Emission Reduction

For example, in the above graphic, you can see that using EBS Soil Stabilizer to stabilize mine haul roads results in a reduction of fossil fuel consumption of 18.75 liters of diesel

per hour / per vehicle, which equates to a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions. Such results could significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

By reducing the resistance that trucks encounter during a hauling cycle, the overall fuel efficiency has the potential to be improved, which plays a critical role in the reduction of gas emissions.

Haul road maintenance is an essential task that should receive daily attention. An Improved Mine Access or Haul Road will have a positive effect and significant cost savings across many different areas, and provide many diverse benefits, which will collectively improve the overall operations of the Mine.

Protect the capital investment of the Mine Haul Road network Today!

Mine production is strictly linked to the quality of haul roads considering they determine the cycle time of trucks along the haul roads and the accessibility of loading and dumping areas.”

Investing in building good haul roads guarantees mining equipment will reach the required speed in a safer manner.”


*Taken from the article entitled “In For The Long Haul” Mining Mirror Magazine Volume 25 No. 10 April 2013 attached hereto.

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