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Solar Series RMS Solar Engine


Complies with ICAO ADM, Part 6

The Solar Series RMS is a solar engine
speci cally designed for the aviation
industry. Available as either a xed
frangible or portable unit, it is an
ideal solution for self-reliant power
generation anywhere on the air eld
or helipad. As a stand-alone unit
requiring no power input of any kind,
the Solar Series RMS can be quickly
deployed wherever it is needed.
The frangible unit complies with ICAO
frangibility requirements. With the
optional radio control receiver, the RMS
can manage the on/off and intensity
functions of a wide range of equipment,
and do it all from a control system that is
common to all other lights on the air eld.
The portable unit is designed to be
lightweight and mobile and is ideal for
situations where quick-deployment is
needed. From PAPI to wind cones to
air eld signs, customers worldwide
depend on the Solar Series RMS to
power their equipment every day.

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