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Areas where Durasolution is used:

„ Open Mine Pit Roads  „ Airstrips
„ Underground          „ Military Helipad
„ Mine Haul Roads      „ Equestrian Arenas & Racetracks
„ Access Roads         „ Temporary Roads

P Durasolution application rates can be adjusted to any                                                         Access Road Dust Control
                                                                                                                Underground Dust Control
    equipment and budget.                                                                                       Surface Dust control
P Effective for short or long 12+ month periods


Ü Acts as a Compaction Aid
Ü Increases Vehicle/Equipment Efficiencies
Ü Increases Road Stability
Ü Reduces Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs
Ü Extends Tire Life Cycles
Ü Eliminates Traditional Watering
Ü Suppresses Dust Particles of PM 10 and PM 2.5 Microns in Size
Ü Will Not Wash Away with Rain
Ü Is Non- Slippery
Ü Can be Applied in Sub-zero Temperatures
Ü Is Environmentally Compliant
Ü Permanently Eliminates Water Usage

                                                                                                                Military Helipads |                                                                  SOIL SOLUTIONS®

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