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At Soil Solutions I am part of a team that strides to educate the market of alternative, cost effective, and environmentally sustainable solutions for the aviation, construction, solar, mining, and Oil & Gas sectors. We have developed specific solutions and combined new technologies that allow for measurable differences to: governments in aiding the increase in government service delivery for gravel road upgrades; mining industry to reduce costs and environmental impact; solar industry to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance; and provide real solutions for airstrips nad runways globally.

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Our Engineered Products

EBS-Engineered Base Stabilizer

EBS  is a highly effective soil stabilizer and surface seal that increases the strength of the existing soil, and provides dust control.

Durasolution by Soil Solutions - Soil Stabilization Dust Control

Duralolution – Engineered Waterless Solution for Dust Control.

Hydrotac Soil Solution

HYDROTAC is an environmentally safe, specifically formulated highly effective tackifier for hydro-seeding.

IDM - Industrial dust machines

Industrial Dust Control Machines are the most advanced and powerful force against dust emissions from active points.

Road Recycler Machines

Road Recycler Machines for Efficient Milling and Stabilization of Layerworks.

Dynamic Compaction by Soil Solutions

Dynamic Compaction 
for Increased Strength in Layer Works.

Geogrid Doltions for road construction

Geogrid Technology ensures the ideal automatic retention of loose soil and aggregate into a rigid layer