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Khumani Iron Ore Mine

                                                     BKM Project

                                           Northern Cape, South Africa

                   Soil & Dust Solutions  Dust Control  Application to Topsoil Stockpile

                              Performance Report of October 2006 – 2012 – 2016


           The intention of this report is to record the performance of Engineered Base Stabilizer ( EBS) dust
           control, and erosion control agent supplied by Soil and Dust Solutions (SDS) that was applied to the
           Parsons Eastern topsoil Stockpile in early October 2006.  As part of a performance test of the EBS
           product a topical application of the product was applied to 1 of the 2 Topsoil Stockpiles located on the
           farm Parsons adjacent to the Eastern side of the National Dingelton road.

           The EBS product was applied to a shaped and lightly rolled topsoil stockpile under the direction of the
           Soil & Dust Solutions representative, the suppliers of the EBS, in South Africa, Mr. Patrick Schoutens.
           The untreated stockpile was also shaped and lightly rolled to a similar profile.

           The application utilized what equipment was available on site at the time that being a Bell 18 000 liter
           water  tanker  fitted  with  a  spray  nozzle,  primarily  utilized  for  in  processing  watering  of  bulk
           earthworks.  The water distribution of the Bell 18 000 liter tanker could not be accurately calibrated
           and a general observation methodology of application was adopted.  This was verified mathematically
           based on the application rate and the measurement of areas topically treated with the SDS product.

           It must be acknowledged that due to the remoteness of the location, the method of application was far
           from  optimum,  and  that  better  application  methodologies  with  equipment  more  suited  to  the  task
           would improve the performance of the EBS product.

           Application Rates

           The  EBS  product  was  mixed  in  the  Bell  18  000  liter  tanker  with  water,  in  accordance  with  the
           manufacturers recommendation for dilution rate, allowing for an application rate of  0,20liters per m²
           in order to provide an effective and long term performance.  The area covered was approximately
           37 500 m², this included the sloped sides of the topsoil stockpile.


           Subsequent to the topical application of the EBS product solution, the area has been subjected to high
           temperatures,  low  humidity,  high  winds  and  sporadic  rainfall  of  varying  intensities.    The  climatic
           conditions in a monthly summary format of related maxima and are shown below for November 2006,
           December 2006, January 2007 and February 2007, extracted from the monthly environmental reports,
           and weather station data for the Khumani Mine BKM Project.

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