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Our solutions based and innovative approach has made us a disruptor in the market, providing quantifiable positive impact related to cost, project delivery, and reduced environmental impact.  We value every opportunity that we have to deliver solutions to our clients.  We consistently rise to challenges and overcome them with innovative and sustainable solutions.  From the beginning of our journey and as we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to making a difference in a positive way with every project and every client.  Our personalized hands-on and service-orientated approach has allowed us to experience great satisfaction in our successes and project achievements.



The key to cracking frontier economies lies not in exploiting existing markets.  In implementing a Blue Ocean strategy and differentiating yourselves in the industries you serve, thus placing the company and the solutions it provides at a level removed and above any perceived competition.   

The process by which those new markets and clients are created, even in the least likely of circumstances, is the providing of a unique service delivery package that is unmet in the marketplace.   Our focus and strategy on solutions-based services and being able to deliver solutions that meet the requirements of the immediate need and sustainability in challenging locations. Once we focus more effort on that, an immense opportunity will ensue, and inclusive, sustainable development will follow. It is precisely through innovations that generate need but are also holistic and sustainable with the various positive impact which has a ripple effect that improves connectivity, creates employment, provides security, and improves overall quality.

When you strip away the layers of conventional thinking about what’s not possible and start to reimagine what is, you can begin to create something really powerful. And that, in turn, has the potential to change the world.

 And that is what we at Soil Solutions aim to do 

Many have tried to copy and imitate – but none have succeeded. As it is not possible to imitate integrity, passion or experience.

Experience and a proven track record of multiple projects and satisfied clients speak for itself.  Experience Matters.

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Soil Solutions®What We Do

Soil Solutions® provides “out-of-the-box“ thinking that allows us to deliver solutions that set us apart from all others in the industry.

Think outside the Box

Our detailed and holistic assessment of the objectives and requirements for each project has allowed us to become an inextricable part of our clients’ success stories.  We develop specifically tailored solutions that allow clients to not only meet but surpass their expectations and objectives.  We have over 20 years of experience working in remote and challenging areas globally.

Improving connectivity through the construction and improvement of roads and runways is what we do.  And we do this in a cost-effective and sustainable manner that addresses (and in many cases)  eliminates some of the challenges our clients in remote locations face.

Our technology and innovation can help build roads and airstrips that connect people, improve lives and grow economies. Our potential to change people’s lives is enormous.

Our Engineered Solutions have the ability to become a vehicle for better social and economic conditions in rural areas as well as reducing environmental impact in many industries globally.

How can we help you?

Our Vision

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Soil Solutions’ vision is to continue our Journey of Making A Difference through the successful introduction of alternative technologies and methodologies into the various industries we serve globally, and to keep pushing the limits for performance delivery.

We envision a world in which developing nations are able to bridge the gap through the implementation of improved and sustainable road infrastructure.

Mining Companies are able to reduce their environmental impact and improve production efficiency through the implementation of our advanced technologies while cutting costs.

Soil Solutions® envisions a better world through the implementation of its Sustainable Value Engineered Solutions ™.

Our Values

 At Soil Solutions® we see every project as a special opportunity to further our footprint of innovative solutions and to deliver a positive impact. 

Soil Solutions adheres to the highest standards concerning human rights, fair labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Soil Solutions’ vision is to continue to develop strong and reliable relationships with Governments, NGOs, and civilian enterprise partners in order to continue to expand our positive and sustainable impact on the African continent.

Our Approach 

Our approach to exceeding our client’s requirements begins with forming a clear, comprehensive understanding of the objectives and perceived challenges inherent in executing projects which may be in remote locations. 

It is our substantial depth of experience in delivering solutions-based methodologies;  operating in fluid situations; experience in operating in remote and/or conflict-affected areas of the African continent; and our equally experienced strategic partners in the areas of logistics and security that allow us to accurately evaluate and deliver on projects located anywhere.


Community upliftment is a key focus of Soil Solutions.  We provide measurable positive impact with our road and runway projects that provide improved connectivity, that has a direct impact on economic growth and improved quality of life.

We have developed a community upliftment add on package that will provide direct and immediate upliftment of the local communities near our projects. (additional information on this provided upon request)

Community Initiatives




Soil Solutions is passionate about what we do, how we do what we do, and the results we deliver.   Our approach is solutions based, professional, innovative, and openly collaborative.

Soil Solutions is focused on delivering the best results for our clients and developing long term relationships.

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