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At Soil Solutions, we value the growth, pride, and success that we experience with each and every project. From the beginning of our journey and as we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to making a difference in a positive way with every project and every client.  This personalized hands-on and service orientated approach has allowed us to experience great satisfaction in our successes with what we have delivered to our clients.


Welcome to Soil Solutions –  Value is what we  Deliver 



“ The key to cracking frontier economies lies not in exploiting existing markets, although that may lead to some success. It lies in creating new markets that serve the billions of nonconsumers unable to find a product or service to help them solve an important problem. 

The process by which those markets are created, even in the least likely of circumstances, is what investors and entrepreneurs need to understand. Our research suggests that this is the critical missing link. Once we focus more effort on that, an immense opportunity will ensue, and inclusive, sustainable development will follow. It is precisely through innovations that generate or connect to new markets that societies can create jobs, pay taxes, and build their infrastructure and institutions. The quality that sets market-creating innovators apart—the ability to identify possibilities where there seem to be no customers—is the reason their work represents such an enormous opportunity. 

“It’s difficult to run a ruler over things you can’t see,” MicroEnsure’s Richard Leftley says.

“But when you strip away the layers of conventional thinking about what’s not possible and start to reimagine what is, you can begin to create something really powerful. And that, in turn, has the potential to change the world.”       

 And that is what we at Soil Solutions aim to do … 


Excerpt from Cracking Frontier Markets, Harvard Business Review ( Jan-Feb 2019 issue ) 

A few of our accomplishments and experiences of the Soil Solutions team that give us unlimited motivation, passion & pride in what we do:

  • From Assisting a Mining Operation with decreasing its maintenance costs when it was critical to come within budget;
  • Providing a Mine with a solution for the gravel roads in a nearby Village that also provided Job creation;
  • Resolving a dispute between a Mining operation and nearby farmers over dust by providing long term and cost-effective solutions for dust control on a nearby Mine Tailings   
  • Providing a solution to an Oil & Gas operation in a remote location in Bolivia that due to safety concerns was not able to use their runway year-round which had a major (negative) impact on the operations – who now not only have a All-weather – year-round Runway with much-improved safety – but also a runway that was tested by Cessna and approved for Jet landings which has not only significantly reduced maintenance costs but also transport costs;
  • Assisting local governments to cope with overwhelming service delivery demands by providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions for gravel roads upgrades that also incorporate a job creation program;
  • Building an Airstrip in the Kalahari Nature Reserve that has a minimum environmental impact in this protected area.

  • Assisting Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve in Botswana build an Airstrip so that National Geographic and students could have easy access to the location for research on Leopard Ecology and Wild Dog monitoring as well as several other research projects;
  • Providing a Sand Stabilization solution and access road to an agricultural centre in the dessert that is a key factor in that countries food security.
  • Assisting the Angolan government to protect the investment made on the construction of the Malange Port when construction had to be placed on hold due to the fall in Oil revenues.
  • Having our design, methodology, and products approved for use on the Surama Airstrip in Guyana on the edge of the Amazon Rain Forest and having the extraordinary opportunity to meet with the local residents and see first hand the tremendous difference this airstrip has made to their lives and the local tourism industry – and being invited to the Commissioning of the Airstrip by the President of Guyana.

Our detailed assessment of the objectives &  requirements for each project and delivering results has allowed us to become an inextricable part of our clients’ success stories, and the distinction of being a proven leader in the soil improvement industry.

For us, it is not about “price” or  “selling a product” it is about relationships and delivering real solutions that provide a high level of satisfaction to our clients and work that we can be proud of.

We are motivated with every client and every project to deliver a solution that far surpasses expectations, and by doing so, has set a new level of result-driven performance.

Many have tried to copy and imitate – but none have succeeded. As it is not possible to imitate integrity, passion or experience. Experienced and a proven track record of multiple projects and satisfied clients speak for itself.  Experience Matters.

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Soil Solutions® What We Do

Soil Solutions® provides “out-of-the-box“ thinking that allows us to deliver solutions that set us apart from all others in the industry.

Our detailed assessment of the objectives and requirements for each project has allowed us to become an inextricable part of our clients’ success stories, and the distinction of being the undisputed leader among soil improvement providers.

 We extend the innumerable benefits of our products and services to our clients in diverse markets. In today’s fast-paced world, our technology and innovation can help build roads and airstrips that connect people, improve lives and grow economies. Our potential to change people’s lives is enormous. Our Engineered Solutions have the ability to become a vehicle for better social and economic conditions in rural areas as well as reducing environmental impact in many industries globally.

  • Road Construction & Improvements
  • Dust Control for Roads, Mining and Specialized
  • Erosion Control
  • Sand Stabilization 
  • Hydro Seeding
  • Soil Stabilization and Road Construction

In today’s fast-paced world, Soil Solutions provides needed technology and innovation that helps build roads that connect people, improve lives and grow economies.  

Provide Cost-effective solutions for gravel airstrips that improve safety, and support tourism.  Our potential to change people’s lives is enormous.

Our Engineered Solutions have the ability to become a vehicle for better social and economic conditions in rural areas as well as reduce environmental impact.

How can we help you?

Our Vision

Soil Solutions’ vision is to continue our Journey of Making A Difference through the successful introduction of alternative technologies and methodologies into the various industries we serve globally and to keep pushing the limits for performance delivery. To continue to achieve results that provide sustainable results that:

  • Reduce the environmental impact
  • Promote growth
  • Provide a difference for our clients, and the local environment & residents where we work.

We envision a world in which developing nations are able to bridge the gap through the implementation of improved and sustainable road infrastructure;

Mining Companies are able to reduce their environmental impact and improve production efficiency through the implementation of our advanced technologies while cutting costs.

Soil Solutions® envisions a better world through the implementation of its Sustainable Value Engineered Solutions ™.

Our Values

 At Soil Solutions® we see every project as a special opportunity to further spread our footprint of innovative solutions and to make a positive difference. We pride ourselves on service with pride and integrity. We are committed and believe in what we do. We enthusiastically embrace challenges and are constantly motivated to succeed and to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, achieving maximum results and customer satisfaction with the highest level of integrity.