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Climate Change effects us all.

There is no one action that can have a marked effect on decreasing GHG, the solution lies with us ALL, across ALL industries taking relevant steps to decrease CO2 emissions on a large and quantifiable scale. We all need to focus on how we can reduce Climate Change.

Soil Solutions remains deeply commited to making a difference and protecting and repairing the Environment.  We have continued with our relentless innovation to provide effective, holistic and simple to use solutions for our client base across the multiple industries that we serve including:


By converging civil engineering, agriculture and IoT across an integrated end to end platform powering Data Sensoring and AI with machine learning modelling we can provide our clients with the tools to fight climate change and enter the carbon credit arena.

So while we may have been were ahead of our time when we started on our journey, that positioning has allowed us not only to continue to innovate and be a market disruptor and uniquely  positioned to help solve the world’s challenge of climate change and food security. 

Restoring the environment is not only a massive problem that has to be addressed, it is everyone’s problem and requires collective innovation and implementation

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The UN’s Sustainability Goals and Global Compact

Soil Solutions is committed to supporting and acting in accordance with the UN Sustainability Goals, and we subscribe to the UN Supplier’s Code of Conduct  & Follow the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Find out more about Soil Solutions UN aligned Sustainable Goals.

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SoilSolutions Green Road Networks significantly reduce CO2 emissions which is the most common GHG emitted by Human Activity. Green Roads reduce crop damage. Our INTELLIGENT AGRICULTURE and SMART FARMING tools will allow for water savings and reduced crop damage. Find out more about Goal 13

The ten principles of the UN Global Compact, related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030.

  Carbon Emission Reduction:

See how we are enabling different industries to improve their sustainability and achieved a marked decrease in Carbon Emissions and Join the Revolution.

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With  the recent launch of  dAIta  – an IOT end to end platform that serves multiple vertical markets, we are able to assist clients with making better decisions and creating verifiable operation and supply chains.  We allow companies to make data driven decisions to optimize production and profitability .   The combination of technologies that we offer also significantly reduce the waste of precious resources such as water, as well as food waste.  When applied to the mining industry we can deliver simple to use IoT tools that will allow for mines to monitor, manage and decrease their carbon footprint and in turn reducing climate change.