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Soil Solutions started its journey in 2004 when we identified the need for more cost-effective and sustainable solutions for road construction and a way for the Mining sector to reduce the environmental impact which led to our specifically and technologically advanced Engineered Base Stabilizer.  Since then we have never stopped innovating and continue to be driven by our passion for innovation and increasing the performance bar for delivery.  Our journey has included cracking frontier markets and creating blue ocean strategies for sustainable solutions-based service delivery that has differentiated us in the market.   Our passion for the environment and to make a difference have been and continue to be our key driving forces.

During the Covid lockdowns, we spent time thinking of how we can be even better and further our impact.  The answer was quite clear – we had to find a way to increase our positive impact and help our clients do the same. The status quo was not good enough and it was time to challenge it.  From that objective, dIAta was born as a way to merge our value-engineered solutions with data that will allow our clients across varied sectors to play a vital and quantifiable role in the fight against climate change.  Improving the world for future generations.

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Soil Solutions®

Our Why

Why do we do what we do?  Because we believe in innovation that solves problems.  We believe in enabling everyone to make a positive difference.  We believe in challenging the status quo.

Our Vision

To merge civil engineering and IoT using data that allows our clients across varied industries including Agricultural, Mining, Energy, and Tourism to increase efficiency while making a positive impact and quantifiable contribution to the fight on Climate Change.

Our Mission

To continue our journey of innovation and pushing boundaries that provide sustainable solutions together with an AI-centric integrated platform that learns from multiple sensors and cross leverages data enabling our clients to make precision decisions, reduce environmental impact, qualify for carbon credits that build sustainable models and allow for Intelligent Agriculture, Energy, Mining and Roads.

When you strip away the layers of conventional thinking about what’s not possible and start to reimagine what is, you can begin to create something really powerful.

And that, in turn, has the potential to change the world.

 And that is what we at Soil Solutions aim to do 


United nations global commpact and sustainable goals wider

We subscribe to the UN Supplier’s Code of Conduct  & Follow the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact


Soil Solutions modis and objectives are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Soil Solutions joined the United Nations Global Compact. We participate with the aim of sharing the good practices promoted by the implementation of the Ten Principles.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Community upliftment is a key focus of Soil Solutions.  We provide measurable positive impact with our road and runway projects that provide improved connectivity, which has a direct impact on economic growth and improved quality of life.

We have developed a community upliftment add-on package that will provide direct and immediate upliftment of the local communities near our projects. (additional information on this provided upon request)

Community Initiatives



Company Philosophy

Soil Solutions is passionate about what we do, how we do what we do, and the results we deliver.   Our approach is solutions-based, professional, innovative, and openly collaborative.

Soil Solutions is focused on delivering the best results for our clients and developing long-term relationships.

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