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Innovative and Specifically Tailored Airstrip Solutions for Improved Connectivity

Soil Solutions delivers turnkey sustainable solutions for Airstrip and Runway Construction, Upgrades, and Rehabilitation of existing gravel or pavements.
Our holistic approach, integration of innovative technology, and our rapid deployment ability allow us to deliver beyond expectations.

Runways and Airstrips are a critical component of Connectivity for the delivery of critical services and goods for both government and NGO entities. Often these efforts are hampered by the remote location or the current condition of the runway – we successfully address these challenges.

With holistic and sustainable solutions we will ensure that runways are able to cater to the aircraft required; remain safe and useable year-round; have a reduced initial cost and reduced future maintenance requirement.

We deliver turnkey solutions for Airstrip and Runway Construction and Upgrade of existing gravel or pavements.

Our use and integration of innovative technology in soil stabilization methods have made us a clear disrupter in the industry.

Our service delivery includes rapid deployment and self-sufficiency; engineering expertise and soil mechanics, and project execution. 

We provide all elements for airstrip projects including:  Weather Stations, Markings, Lighting (solar, mobile and permanent), Fuel storage, Perimeter security and monitoring.   


Contact us today and see how we can take your runway from a challenge to a success.

EBS Gravel Airstrip wins Technology and Cost Savings Award


Our Experience

Soil Solutions has extensive experience in runway and airstrip construction and upgrade projects.  Our client base includes: Governments, Military, NGO’s, Oil & Gas, Mining, Agriculture, and Game Reserves.

Turnkey Service Delivery

  • Design and Engineering 
  • Material Investigation / Material Testing
  • Quality Control
  • Project Management & Execution 
  • Certifications and Handover

Rapid Deployment

Our ability to dispatch a qualified team and equipment to remote areas via chartered air cargo plane sets us apart from all others.  This reduces the timeline and high cost of logistics.

ICAO Compliant

Our design and specifications provided will be in line with specified aircraft ICAO classifications, compliance handover package or Certification can be provided.  Our turn-key delivery package includes runway markings, fencing, lighting and fuel storage. 


Our holistic approach to airstrip solutions allows us to provide specifically tailored solutions to each project based on location, equipment availability, design and compliance requirements.

  • Investment Protection – the construction of an airstrip/runway is a large capital investment and it should be protected as such.
  • Safety  – increase safety with a hard and sealed surface that eliminates brownouts, and makes FOD visible & allows allowing Medical evacuation planes accessibility with a sealed airstrip
  • Reduced Maintenance  – no watering or grading of the Airstrip will be required as it will have an all-weather, hard water-resistant and erosion protected surface allowing for significantly reduced maintenance
  • Aircraft Maintenance – decrease required maintenance of aircraft  through the elimination of sand and dust that damage aircraft engines and parts
  • Environment –  We deliver Sustainable Solutions that reduce environmental impact through the reduction of maintenance and water use.

Soil Solutions provides value-engineered solutions® for connectivity that are specifically developed for each of its clients.

Introduction to Intelligent Airstrips Video

Introduction to Intelligent Airstrips Video

Soil Solutions Aviation Lighting & Towers

Aircraft Hangar Solutions

Hangars can be customized to any size or specification; give us a call as to what you need.



  Expertise & Experience Matters.  Soil Solutions has a proven track record, extensive references and completed projects globally

Soil Solutions Aviation Lighting & TowersContact us today for your runway projectSEE OUR - AVIATION LIGHTING & TOWERS SECTION




After the execution of this project, we were able to greatly increase our efficiency due to the new given accessibility that your excellent airstrip provides. The technology which you have employed has highly impressed all who have seen it, both during construction and in operations. Our aviation specialists, the Bolivia Civil Aviation Authority have had no trouble in certifying the airstrip as not only fit for use, but also in full compliance with ICAO Annex 14 and associated annexes. The success of the project is a credit to both Soil Solutions as a company and also the individuals who worked on this project.




I was very impressed with the runway and amazed at how smooth the surface was. The runway has remained in an excellent condition, ensuring smooth and secure landings and takeoffs. I’m consistently impressed by its well-preserved surface that consistently guarantees safe aviation operations. Chatting with these pilots,they all feel the runway surface performs like a tar runway and appreciate the reduction in dust the surface causes.


Airstrip Solutions: Limpopo- Lipadi Project Update : November 2018 width=

Runway currently, footage captured November 2018.  Runway Completed in August 2014, no Maintenance.

Airstrip Solutions - Reduce Damage to Aircraft and improve gravel airstrip safety

Reduce Damage to Aircraft & Improved Gravel Airstrip Safety

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