Picture 1Sissingué is in the north of Côte d’Ivoire, near the border of Mali, 787km north-west of Côte d’Ivoire’s commercial capital of Abidjan.

Perseus Mining contacted Soil Solutions in November 2016 advising that they wanted to construct a runway for their mining operation and then have it sealed to protect and preserve the surface from degradation after heavy rains.

The Mine constructed the runway and in March 2017 Soil Solutions was brought in to inspect the construction and provide on-site technical assistance for the application of the EBS Surface Seal. After inspection, it was determined that the current surface should be scarified to a depth not exceeding 150mm and then the material should be blended evenly with imported sand creating an even mix of the material followed by the removal of all debris and oversize material then compacting, shaping and levelling to ensure for proper drainage prior to the application of the EBS in several coats until the point of refusal has been reached.

The EBS was applied and the application was completed resulting in a surface that is sealed and protected from erosion, loss of fines, and most importantly eliminates dust allowing for increased safety, visibility and a significant reduction in both airstrip and aircraft maintenance.

In addition, the sealed airstrip now allows for improved aircraft acceleration, reduced damage to aircraft, improved skid resistance, better pilot visibility on landing and take-off as well as being usable year round in any weather conditions, with decreased maintenance requirements.

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