Our detailed assessment of the objectives &  requirements for each project and delivering results has allowed us to become an inextricable part of our client’s success stories.

For us, it is not about “price” or  “selling a product”  it is about relationships and delivering real solutions that provide a high level of satisfaction to our clients and work that we can be proud of.

We are motivated with every client and every project to deliver a solution that far surpasses expectations, and by doing so, has set a new level of result-driven performance.

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After the execution of this project, we were able to greatly increase our efficiency due to the new given accessibility that your excellent airstrip provides. The technology which you have employed has highly impressed all who have seen it, both during construction and in operations. Our aviation specialists, the Bolivia Civil Aviation Authority have had no trouble in certifying the airstrip as not only fit for use, but also in full compliance with ICAO Annex 14 and associated annexes. The success of the project is a credit to both Soil Solutions as a company and also the individuals who worked on this project.




I was very impressed with the runway and amazed at how smooth the surface was. The runway has remained in an excellent condition, ensuring smooth and secure landings and takeoffs. I’m consistently impressed by its well-preserved surface that consistently guarantees safe aviation operations. Chatting with these pilots,they all feel the runway surface performs like a tar runway and appreciate the reduction in dust the surface causes.



A few of our accomplishments and experiences of the Soil Solutions team that give us unlimited motivation, passion & pride in what we do:

  • Developing a sustainable and extremely cost-effective model for the upgrade of Government Gravel Roads that was approved by the RAMMP program under the World Bank;
  • Providing a Rapid Deployment Solution to access and upgrade remotely located runways for urgently required connectivity or military actions;
  • Assisting the Angolan government to protect the investment made on the construction of the Malange Port when construction had to be placed on hold due to the fall in oil revenues;
  • Having our design, methodology, and products approved for use on the Surama Airstrip in Guyana on the edge of the Amazon Rain Forest and having the extraordinary opportunity to meet with the local residents and see first hand the tremendous difference this airstrip has made to their lives and the local tourism industry – and being invited to the Commissioning of the Airstrip by the President of Guyana;
  • Assisting local governments to cope with overwhelming service delivery demands by providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions for gravel roads upgrades that also incorporate a job creation program;
  • Building an Airstrip in the Kalahari Nature Reserve that has a minimum environmental impact in this protected area;

  • Assisting a Mining Operation with decreasing its maintenance costs when it was critical to come within budget;
  • Providing a Mine with a solution for the gravel roads in a nearby Village that also provided Job creation;
  • Resolving a dispute between a Mining operation and nearby farmers over dust by providing long term and cost-effective solutions for dust control on a nearby Mine Tailings;
  • Providing a solution to an Oil & Gas operation in a remote location in Bolivia that due to safety concerns was not able to use their runway year-round which had a major (negative) impact on the operations – who now not only have an All-weather – year-round Runway with much-improved safety – but also a runway that was tested by Cessna and approved for Jet landings which have not only significantly reduced maintenance costs but also transport costs;
  • Assisting Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve in Botswana build an Airstrip so that National Geographic and students could have easy access to the location for research on Leopard Ecology and Wild Dog monitoring as well as several other research projects;
  • Providing a Sand Stabilization solution and access road to an agricultural center in the dessert is a key factor in that countries food security;

Soil Solutions provides value-added solutions across many different industries which include:


Gravel Airstrip/Runway Construction and Improvements.  EBS Surface Seal will provide sustainable and cost-effective results that improve safety, visibility  & decrease maintenance.


Soil Solutions provides specifically engineered solutions for Military applications that include Temporary Roads, Helipads, Airstrips, and Camps.

Road Construction & Upgrades

For the latest technology available for cost-effective & sustainable Road Construction and Gravel Road Upgrades see these sections:   EBS Surface Seal  Gravel Road Upgrades

Alternative Energy

To see how to increase the efficiency of Solar & Wind Farms with effective dust control and reduce maintenance costs.


Soil Solutions provides  Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions that Reduce Costs & Environmental Impact for  Mine Haul & Access Roads,  Mine Tailings Dust Control and Underground and Open Pit Dust Control

Oil and Gas

Soil Solutions provides numerous important solutions for the Oil & Gas industry including stabilization of Oil Pads, Dust Control and Surfacing for Access Roads and Runways & Helipads

At Soil Solutions we do not just sell a product we provide specially tailored and engineered solutions for your project.”

We have experience and references in all of the industry sectors listed above – Experience Matters.

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Our Accomplishments January 26, 2021