Rancho Santana

Rancho Santana is a world-class resort and residential community located on Nicaragua’s pristine Emerald Coast. “The Ranch” boasts 2,700 acres of rolling hills, five unique beaches, a variety of dining options, and a myriad of activities from adventure sports to spa treatments.

Situated on the Southwest Pacific coast between the vast Pacific Ocean and Lake Nicaragua, The Ranch is located on one of the Pacific’s only isthmuses. Bordered on both sides by water,  Rancho Santana enjoys the distinction of nearly constant offshore breezes.

Due to an increase in traffic from the influx of visitors, tourists and locals there was a growing concern with the trafficability of the roads as they were showing signs of corrugation, rutting, loose surface material and mainly generating lots of dust.

Soil Solutions was contacted by Rancho Santana’s Chief Engineer, Alan Vilchez, looking for a solution that would provide a smooth driving surface with reduced maintenance which was water-resistant and most importantly would reduce the dust for better visibility for drivers and the safety of the community.

It was decided that an EBS Surface Seal would be the ideal solution to improve the road surfaces for Rancho Santana. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, an order was placed, the product was delivered, spray bars were constructed and the EBS applied using several means of communication to achieve a successful application.

Sealing the surface with EBS will provide a sustainable solution with improved road surfaces that will be protected from erosion, UV, and water resistance, require less maintenance, and most importantly dust free.

The improved road surfaces will only add to the amazing features and experiences that can be had with a visit to this wonderful resort.

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Rancho Santana

  • A. Rancho Santana MAP
  • B. Rancho Santana Resort
  • C. Rancho Santana
  • D. Before EBS - Dusty
  • E. Before EBS - Corrugation & Rutting
  • F. Before EBS - loose surface material
  • G. EBS Surface Seal
  • H. Surface Seal Inspection
  • I. EBS Surface Seal Application
  • J. EBS Surface Seal at Rancho Santana
  • K. Overview of EBS Surface Seal Application
  • L. Rancho Santana EBS Surface Seal
  • M. EBS Surface Sealed Road
  • N. Surface Sealed Road with EBS
  • O. Rancho Santana EBS Sealed Road
  • P. EBS Sealed Resort Road
  • Q. Rancho Santana Sealed Road
  • R. EBS Surface Sealed Resort Road
  • S. After EBS Seal with No Dust
  • EBS Surface Seal Road
    T. After EBS Surface Seal