Soil Solutions is a registered Level 2 UN Vendor

Well-positioned in terms of location and with an Administration and Operations office based in South Africa.

We are familiar with and comply with the United Nations  policies on:

  • Waste Management
  • Environment
  • Filed Occupation Safety and Risk

Africa is an environment that we understand. 

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We have developed specific solutions for Airstrip and runway upgrades; Asphalt Runway Rehabilitation, and surround and access road networks.

We have developed specific models to deliver solutions for Airstrip and runway upgrades;  Asphalt Runway Rehabilitation, and surrounding and access road networks

With our team of specifically trained and experienced personnel available to appoint to projects in remote or safety-risk zones we are well-positioned and prepared to provide Value for Money solutions for UN, UNOPS, UNMISS, WFP, projects

Hoslistic Strategic Implementation

We have strategic partners that provide security in high risk zones when required.

Our strategic partners in the field of logistics are familiar with the challenges of moving goods to remote locations and have a “can do “ attitude and performance record.

Our approach is holistic and allows us to provide turn-key solutions that streamline and efficient delivery on projects.

We understand the importance of uplifting surrounding communities and have developed sustainable models to do this which vary pending upon location and the needs to the community.

We have a labour component that can be fulfilled by locals when permitted.


Community Initiatives

africa We are currently involved in projects in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Mali.

Concentrating on specific regions is allowing us to pursue a coherent and holistic plan for project implementation.

Our Solutions based approach, experience, position, and readiness allows us to be the ideal partner to provide total turn-key solutions for any runway, road, or related infrastructure project.

Positive Impact – Making a Difference January 27, 2021