Connectivity is essential for the agricultural sector – as you have to be able to move tGreen Roads he goods within the farm and then onwards to market. Improved roads will guarantee faster transport time and decrease damage to produce.

The dust generated from gravel roads is proven to be detrimental to crops and produce.  Integrating Intelligent Roads increases the sustainability of any farming programme.

Eco-friendly Sealed Roads – sustainable – cost effective and carbon reducing

A world Bank commissioned study ( Quantifying the Impacts of Vehicle Generated Dust – a comprehensive Approach)  in 2011 stated the following :

  • An estimated 260 Million USD was lost annually in the agricultural industry due to vehicle-generated dust on gravel roads, this figure is now thought to be over 2 Billion USD.
  • Road dust interferes with the efficiency of weed killers and pesticides and that at the time of this report would require an additional $750 / km of pesticides to be used
  • Fruit growers see a significant difference in the growth and production of fruit trees that are planted closer to the gravel roads and that this affects trees planted up to the 8th row removed.  An estimated 1-5% of the crops will be deemed sub-standard due to dust damage.
  • Dust generated from gravel roads also affects water sources that are located close by as well as animal grazing patterns.
  • Significant areas of commercial and substance farming are adversely affected by vehicle-generated dust that creates an adverse economic consequence.


Our holistic approach allows us to provide specifically tailored solutions to each project allowing

for significant increases  inefficiencies and decreased Environmental Impact

Intelligent Agriculture August 18, 2021