The Access and Internal Road Networks are an important part of Solar and Wind Farm Projects

See how we can Reduce Initial Cost of ConstructionEnsure Smooth Roads with Reduced VibrationSignificantly Reduce Maintenance Costs

and Deliver a Road Network Free from Dust and Erosion

We deliver Positive Impact Solutions that reduces costs, reduce environmental impact and Improve the efficiency and life span of Solar and Wind Power Projects.    Keep Reading to see how ….  and protect the investment of your project. 

   DAITA for Renewable Energy

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Increase efficiency with remote monitoring systems.

Solar and wind power projects typically cover large areas making real-time monitoring a challenge.

We address this with the implementation of specifically developed end to end AI architecture that will allow for:


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  • Off-site monitoring of equipment
  • Smart meters
  • Project communication system
  • Perimeter security
  • Dust monitoring
  • Wind monitoring
  • Sunlight UV monitoring

Solar assets can be difficult to inspect on-site.  We remove this challenge with monitoring ability that includes validating system analytics and the output of each module.

Intuitive reporting will measure the condition of an entire fleet or a single module, including:

  • Physical damage
  • Cell-level defects and degradation
  • Bad diodes
  • Strings or modules offline

  • Soiling
  • Potential Induced Degradation (PID)
  • Reverse polarity
  • Module mismatch

  • Storm damage
  • Rack shifts
  • Vegetation encroachment
  • Shading
  • Foreign objects

   Solar Power / Wind Power Solutions

Solar Power Project Solutions

As little as one-seventh of an ounce of dust on a square yard of solar panel can decrease energy absorption by as much as 40 percent.  The National Renewable Energy laboratory estimates that energy loss due to accumulated dust can be as high as 25 percent; other experts, individual solar power dealers in particular, estimate that energy loss can go as high as 30 percent”Taken from the article “The Dirt on Solar Panels” posted by Achelle Santos on November 2, 2012 on the website. 

When it comes to solar power plants,  the effectiveness is based on performance of the Solar panels.  In order for the Solar panels to perform they need to be free from dust -making Dust Control a critical part of the maintenance costs of any Solar project.

This maintenance can be both time consuming and expensive.  Soil Solutions provides important solutions that address these challenges. READ MORE

Wind Power Project Solutions

Wind Turbine Energy is developing at a rapid rate in the clean and renewable energy field in a World plagued by energy crises where increasing carbon footprints and fossil fuel costs make it a desirable alternative. One of the most critical challenges faced in a wind turbine project is the degradation of the performance due to accumulated dust on the turbine rotors which causes changes in the aerodynamic properties of the airfoils resulting in energy losses. Dust is normally prevalent where there is wind and this will expose wind turbine airfoils to the above mentioned degradation leading to a loss of performance, increased maintenance costs and decreased longevity.

Soil Solutions provides Value Engineered Solutions®, which incorporate the latest technologies and when utilized during the construction and operation of Wind Turbine Farms will address the problems associated with dust generation and accumulation ensuring proper and efficient turbine operation. READ MORE

Project Video

Watch the Lake Turkana Wind Power Road Upgrade Project Video