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Solar Power Plant Dust Control  


When it comes to solar power plants,  the effectiveness is based on performance of the Solar panels.  In order for the Solar panels to perform they need to be free from dust -making Dust Control a critical part of the maintenance costs of any Solar project.    Clean Panels: The single largest factor to preventing Solar panels from operating at their maximum capacity is Dust —  Dust can absorb sunlight on the surface of a panel, reducing the light that reaches the cells.  Clean surfaces result in increased output performance over the lifespan of the equipment.

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Solar power Panel Dust mitigation
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As little as one-seventh of an ounce of dust on a square yard of solar panel can decrease energy absorption by as much as 40 percent.  The National Renewable Energy laboratory estimates that energy loss due to accumulated dust can be as high as 25 percent; other experts, individual solar power dealers in particular, estimate that energy loss can go as high as 30 percent”

Taken from the article “The Dirt on Solar Panels” posted by Achelle Santos on November 2, 2012 on the website.


This maintenance can be both time consuming and expensive.  Soil Solutions provides important solutions that address these challenges.


Ground Erosion:  A naturally occurring process in nature, soil and ground erosion are caused by water and wind.  Expected as a gradual occurrence and planned for at a certain periodic rate, sudden erosion can have a very detrimental  effect on a Solar Energy Plant .  Loss of topsoil can lead to reshaping of the ground and the creation of channels, holes and slopes in earth.  This could cause racking to shift affecting the ability of panels to generate the energy.  It could also lead to flooding and destruction of equipment.

Racking Erosion:  Eroding structures can be a nightmare for a PV facility.  Once the structural integrity is degraded, risks to proper water and wind flow within the facility are elevated which can gravely impact the functioning of the facility.  As racking moves, panels are moved from their optimal positioning and energy generation suffers.Soil Solutions provides Value Engineered Solutions®, which incorporate the latest technologies and when utilized during the construction and operation of Wind Turbine Farms will address the problems associated with dust generation and accumulation ensuring proper and efficient turbine operation._frame_left] [/one_half]



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DUST CONTROL : Treating the solar farm and surrounding area with a topical EBS Soil Stabilizer surface seal, and treating all access roads, servitudes and pathways with EBS — this will allow for a dust free area, treating the surrounds will significantly reduce fugitive dust thus resulting in improved performance of the solar panels as well as increased life span.

EROSION CONTROL: Treating the ground and access pathways within the Solar Plants with EBS Soil Stabilizer will prevent this  — One Application will perform for five or more years, and protect the area against erosion.


Soil Solutions provides Value Engineered Solutions® for utility scale Alternative Energy Projects.  Value … Delivered

  • Erosion prevention
  • Dust protection for the panels by prevention of fugitive and wind blown dust.
  • Access and service roads that are free from dust, corrugation, potholes, rutting and erosion.
  • Stabilization and erosion prevention on slopes, embankments or ditches.
  • Reduced budgets for construction and maintenance.
  • Reduced environmental impact to the surrounding area and community.
  • Significantly reduced water usage.

Project Video: Watch the Lake Turkana Wind Power Road Upgrade Project Video