Soil Solutions has developed a number of tailored solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry that… Reduce Costs Improve Efficiency Improve Safety

   Oil and Gas Solutions for: 

  Airstrips and Helipads

Often Oil and Gas operational sites are located in remote areas making the accessibility a critical factor for operations and health & safety.

Asphalt airstrips are both impractical due to in-situ soils and cost-prohibitive.

Soil Solutions has a proven track record in the construction and upgrade of gravel airstrips that provide an All-Weather – Water Resistant Surface making accessibility safe and easy as well as reducing maintenance.

oil and gas - Green Oil pump of crude oilwell rig

 Drilling Pads

Soil Solutions has developed several different methodologies for the stabilization of drilling pads, which solution is right for your project will be dependent upon the type of soil and the duration of the drilling. If the area is sand – stabilization in combination with a geogrid/textile may be the right solution. Other projects we have been involved with required a deep compaction solution.  If the in-situ material is more suitable Durasolution or an EBS Surface Seal may be the correct answer. A Soil Solution representative will work with you and your team to access the project, environment, and requirements and develop a specifically tailored solution, starting from the design stage through to developing a detailed methodology, on-site management, and a maintenance programme.

Panoramic oil pumpjack.

 Pipeline Treatments & Maintenance Access Roads

Soil Solutions provides simple and easy solutions to the lining and or covering treatment to protect the pipeline from exposure and damage. In addition, there are practical and sustainable solutions for the construction and maintenance of the access roads to and along with the pipeline locations.

There are several factors that are taken into consideration including the climate and location and materials being used, and depth.

Oil and Gas Refinery Plant at Daylight

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