It’s about providing Solutions that are  Smarter – Safer – Simpler – Sustainable  =  S4

 Cleaner for the Environment & Cost-effective over the life of Project

As the world and the economy had changed with –
Water Sources being depleted – the global economic effect on Oil and Minerals
Global Warming and the need to decrease CO2 emissions

Soil Solutions has the answers to these challenges and provides value-added solutions across many different industries which include:


Gravel Airstrip/Runway Construction and Improvements.  EBS Surface Seal will provide sustainable and cost-effective results that improve safety, visibility  & decrease maintenance.


Soil Solutions provides specifically engineered solutions for Military applications that include Temporary Roads, Helipads, Airstrips, and Camps.

Road Construction & Upgrades

For the latest technology available for cost-effective & sustainable Road Construction and Gravel Road Upgrades see these sections:   EBS Surface Seal  Gravel Road Upgrades

Alternative Energy

To see how to increase the efficiency of Solar & Wind Farms with effective dust control and reduce maintenance costs.


Soil Solutions provides  Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions that Reduce Costs & Environmental Impact for  Mine Haul & Access Roads,  Mine Tailings Dust Control and Underground and Open Pit Dust Control

Oil and Gas

Soil Solutions provides numerous important solutions for the Oil & Gas industry including stabilization of Oil Pads, Dust Control and Surfacing for Access Roads and Runways & Helipads

Equestrian arenas

Safe, Healthy and Cost Effective Dust Control Solutions for Equestrian Arenas!  Having constant dust control in the arena area will protect against respiratory illnesses and allergies for horses, riders and trainers.

Dirt Horse racing tracks
Horse Racing Tracks

Introducing a game-changer for the Dirt Track Horse Racing Industry!  DuraTrack is a new and innovative product that was developed for Dirt Horse Racing Tracks using proven methodologies of Soil Mechanics and Innovative technology.

At Soil Solutions we do not just sell a product we provide specially tailored and engineered solutions for your project.

We have experience and references in all of the industry sectors listed above – Experience Matters.

Equestrian dust control brochure
Equestrian Dust control - Brochure
Gravel Roads Brochure
MIlitary Applications Brochure
Military Brochure

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Cost effective solutions for the Industries We Serve June 25, 2011