Dust Control for the Equestrian industry is very specialized and other than water there are no other real solutions … until now … until DURATRACK.

The methods or products applied for Equestrian Dust Control cannot be in any form that would cause harm to the Horses (or Camels), nor can it change the ground environment of the arena or track areas.  Whatever is used cannot have any odours or fumes that could be inhaled by the horses or riders.

Equestrian Dust Control for Tracks and Arenas.


Soil Solutions®  developed DuraTrack as a specialized wetting agent that controls surface, fugitive and airborne dust.  It is the perfect answer to safe, healthy, and cost-effective dust control for Arenas and race tracks.   DuraTrack continually “wets the soil”   which allows for the preferred level of “cushioning” for improved riding and reduced equine injuries.

Having constant dust control in the arena area will provide protection against respiratory illnesses and allergies for horses, riders and trainers. As depending upon the application rate DuraTrack will perform from 4 weeks – 1 year with only one application rate.  This flexibility in application rates adds to its cost-effectiveness.

 DuraTrack being clear and odourless it does not have any negative effects on the arena environment.  A very unique property of DuraTrack is that it is ” re-workable ”  you can move it around to different areas as and when needed.  Its flexible application rates allow it to be used as and when required.  Equally as important is that it is not water-soluble and will not affect the drainage of the arena area.

DuraTrack meets all of the specialized considerations of an effective and safe dust control solution for Equestrian areas.

  • Application rates based on material
  • UV resistant
  • Environmentally Safe
  • PM10 & PM2.5 compliant
  • Non-Leaching
  • Will not wash away with the rain
  • Non-Slippery
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Odourless & Colourless
  • Will work in hot arid climates and winter seasons

DuraTrack™ Benefits for Equestrian Arena Areas:

  • Eliminates Dust
  • Eliminates the need for surface irrigation
  • Increases moisture retention
  • Allows Drainage
  • Reduces Maintenance
  • Ensures Footing & Cushioning
  • Retains Arena bases
  • Re-workable
  • Firm enough for traction soft enough for cushioning
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • Effective on all aggregates including fine sand
  • Will not contaminate ground water
  • Will not increase BOD & COB levelsExcellent and perpetual wetting agent


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