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Sadiola Mine Runway Upgrade

Soil Solutions was contacted to provide a solution for the upgrade of the runway at the Allied Gold Sadiola Mine as the runway condition was no longer suitable to accommodate the aircraft using the runway. The main problem being the pooling of water on the surface after rainy conditions becoming a safety hazard possibly allowing the aircraft wheels to hydroplane with possible loss of directional control during landing and the taxi phase resulting in the aircraft departing from its intended designated areas. In addition, the runway surface has deteriorated, and the surface is covered in loose gravel and stones. These stones are small and light enough for the propellor vortices to lift and damage the propellor blades as well as damage the engine turbine blades. For this reason, pilots will activate the engine anti-icing system which in turn reduces take off performance and results in the reduction of the load the aircraft can carry for a safe take off.

A complete site inspection was conducted and upon inspection it was decided that with the correct earthworks being conducted the most suitable solution would be the application of an EBS Surface Seal. The earthworks are being conducted by a contractor with the remote supervision from Soil Solutions technical representatives and upon completion of all earthworks the EBS Surface Seal will be applied under the same technical supervision.

The EBS Surface Seal will greatly enhance flight safety and provide a safe base of operation throughout the year for future company aviation assets and will allow heavier aircraft to land safely while permitting the transport of personnel and essential goods.

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