Soil Solutions Values continue to be entrenched in everything we do and nothing has changed during the Pandemic. All our efforts begin with the community first. We will continue to provide necessary services to assist/help communities with access through these difficult times.


As the world continues to change on an hourly basis due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we are hoping that all our customers and clients are well and taking every precaution and stay well.
We acknowledge the severity of the situation and have taken all required precautions, in accordance with official instructions.  We are conforming to all of the outlined protocols and have taken every precaution and additional measure to protect and inform our staff.

Official COVID-19 Information - WHO



What has changed with Soil Solutions?

We have taken all measures for our key management team to be equipped and are working from home during this shutdown period. Our IT and communication service providers are deemed an essential service provider and thus services will not be interrupted.

Our team remains here to serve you and we remain fully operational, with our supply chain in place, production capacity, and available stock for deliveries able to commence as soon as possible.


How can you contact us and interact with our team? What has changed?

  • Things are a little more casual than usual, but all our team members are working remotely and services will not be interrupted.
  • Client/ Stakeholder meetings are being held via Zoom/ Skype/ WhatsApp/ MS Teams
  • What about our current projects in desperate need of implementation to assist with critical access? Soil Solutions are using key strategic partners globally to continue forward with projects to ensure there is no further negative impact on communities in their time of need.

As we move into this period of uncertainty Soil Solutions remains available to assist our clients with needed solutions for roads and runways that will be required for important and critical points of access.

Many of our projects are integral to key strategic points and distribution centers for medical assistance, food distribution, and transport,  accordingly we continue to provide the best service for vital access (Gravel runways and gravel roads) in these trying times. We are also working with customers to provide solutions at greater discounted rates thereby increasing efficiency and sustainability.  Giving them the edge for when they are at full operating capacity again.

As everything for everyone worldwide changes day by day, so we adapt. As a global company, we are well versed in working remotely with suppliers/ partners and stakeholders from all parts of the world. This gives us the advantage to just further streamline our processes to keep giving you the best solution for your project. Even in these challenging times, we urge you to take a positive stance, as together we will overcome, and build an even better future.

Contact us for any queries. 

How can you help during the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is having far-reaching effects on people and communities as lockdowns are extended. Many of those that are most affected are living in informal settlements and do not have access to sanitation. Their livelihoods are greatly impacted due to businesses closing to reduce the spread. Soil Solutions always has a Community first approach and believe that it is our responsibility as a community to uplift and help those that are in need.

Soil Solutions reached out to the Daily Bread Org, a registered NGO. Daily Bread Org runs charity initiatives throughout the year. They are currently focusing on distributing Hand sanitizer, food, and basic amenities to local communities. Alexander, Kya Sands & Msawawa Settlements of the Northern Suburbs of JHB are their current focus. Our first donation of Hand Sanitizers was delivered today.

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COVID-19 April 14, 2020