EBS for gravel mine Airstrips and runwaysMine Airstrips (Gravel Airstrips on Mining Sites) play a critical role in the Mining operation itself. Many Mines are located in remote locations, so access by air is the only way that management and personnel can reach site. In terms of Health & Safety regulations and policies Mining operations have to have the immediate ability to evacuate due to a medical or security emergency, having an airstrip and the condition of that airstrip could be the difference between life and death.

Soil Solutions provides a very important service in terms of providing cost effective and value engineered solutions for the construction, improvement and maintenance of airstrips and runways on Mining Operations that let the mine – not have to allocate excessive resources to maintaining a safe year round airstrip.

   Our Solutions for Mine Airstrips

Whether it is decreasing the initial construction costs of an airstrip or protecting the investment already made with an EBS Surface Seal Soil Solutions will deliver sustainable solutions for any airstrip or runway anywhere.

Our results include a guaranteed improved surface, water resistant and dust free. Improved visibility. Improved Safety. The annual maintenance requirement allows for significantly decreased maintenance when compared to traditional methods that dictate constant grading, watering and compacting.

Why Choose us for your Mine Airstrip project?

Soil Solutions has a solid and proven track record for the construction and improvement of airstrips and runways globally – our clients include numerous multi-international Mining & Oil & Gas companies. Our experienced team will walk you through each step of the process from us conducting an initial site assessment and project proposal to ensuring the proper equipment to being on site for the product application and providing training.
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