Experiencing many of the same problems as previously with the Kahama Airstrip, African Barrick Gold decided to upgrade the African Barrick Gold airstrip at their Tulawaka mine in Tanzania. The existing problems included loose gravel, the loss of fine material, low visibility, dusty conditions, and a slippery surface when wet. Very satisfied with the results on the Kahama Airstrip ABG management contacted Soil Solutions to upgrade the airstrip with an EBS Surface Seal. Arrangements were made and the preparation of the airstrip began including a light grading and reshaping of the surface, the removal of all loose debris, and the correction of all discrepancies in the overall profile of the airstrip. Once the preparation was complete the airstrip was pre-wet with water to loosen the tension of the soil and ensure proper penetration of the EBS. The EBS was applied using a water tanker fit with a specialized spray bar to ensure the homogenous distribution of the EBS dilution. The end result once again is an airstrip with improved aircraft acceleration, improved visibility on approach and takeoff, highly visible FOD and increased skid resistance (even in wet conditions) making the surface safer for emergency reverse thrusts when needed. Increased safety and reduced maintenance of the airstrip and aircraft.

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