African Barrick Gold Kahama Airstrip – Tanzania (Buzwagi Mining Operation) contacted Soil Solutions to provide an upgrade to their gravel airstrip as they were experiencing problems including loose gravel, the loss of fine material, dust, low visibility, and slippery conditions when the surface was wet. Soil Solutions conducted a site assessment and determined that an EBS Surface Seal would be the right solution for the airstrip. A trial section was completed and after testing the performance of the EBS on the trial section the contract to complete the entire airstrip was awarded to Soil Solutions. The surface was properly shaped for drainage, all loose gravel and debris were removed from the surface and then the surface was compacted to a smooth finish prior to applying the EBS Surface Seal.  According to the pilots landing on the completed airstrip, the upgrade was a complete success resulting in improved aircraft acceleration, improved visibility on approach and takeoff, highly visible FOD (Foreign Object Debris), no dust, and improved skid resistance even in wet conditions, thereby increasing safety aspects. In addition, the mine saw a significant decrease in maintenance expenses.View Project Video

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