Soil Solutions, a global leader in Gravel Airstrip and runway construction and improvements, has completed another successful runway project. This project was for African Barrick Gold, Tulawaka Gold Mine, and entailed the preparation, and EBS Surface Sealing of a 2 km runway.
The exceptional results that Soil Solutions achieved with the upgrade of the African Barrick Gold, Kahama Airstrip located 6km southeast from the town of Kahama in Tanzania, completed in 2011, commissioned a second airstrip for its Tulawaka gold mine located in the Biharamulo district of the Kagera region which lies southwest of Lake Victoria near the northwest border with Rwanda.

In addtion to the improved safety conditions of the runway, significant cost savings were realized through the reduced maintenace of the runway as well as the fleet of aircraft used by African Barrick Gold.

The remote area of Tulawaka posed its own logistical challenges notwithstanding an annual average temperature range of between 25º and 40º C and annual rainfall in the region of 860mm. However the rainy season had not yet commenced, and due to advanced planning and having access to the right equipment, the EBS Surface Seal application went smoothly.

Soil Solutions sent a senior technical advisor to the Tulawaka Mine to oversee the project as well as to provide on-site assistance which in conjunction with meticulous planning by Soil Solutions resulted in the completion of a 2km Airstrip Upgrade and EBS Surface Seal in a remote location in a period of five days – another outstanding achievement by Soil Solutions’ highly professional team of experts in the rapid completion of a project where safety was of primary concern.