Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC) and Boss Mining contacted Soil Solutions to conduct a trial section of Haul Road using an EBS Surface Seal for dust alleviation at the Luita Mine located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The existing road surface was in a severely degraded state so in order to proceed the layer works needed to be completely re-constructed. Additional material was required, so a material investigation of local borrow pits was conducted as well as mine waste material and local laterite, once enough suitable material was found we began the layer work construction which included:   ripping and scarifying the surface and then a mix of waste material and laterite was mixed with the in-situ soil and then compacted to a smooth finish. All rocks and particles above 60mm were removed from the soil prior to final compaction. The surface was pre-wet with water to loosen the tension of the soil and allow for proper penetration of the EBS. The EBS dilution was applied evenly over the entire road section using several coats. The road was left to cure and opened for traffic the next morning. The end result is a section of haul road with a wearing course that is non-slippery, UV, and weather resistant has improved visibility as a result of no dust, is protected from erosion, and will not require any future grading.

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