The Declines at the Zandfontein and Moroelabult sections of the Eastplats Crocodile River Mine required extensive treatment for dust control. As the only access point for the Mining vehicles, fugitive dust was heavily transported in and out of the declines causing challenges for both vehicles and workers. The declines had to be cleaned removing nearly 400 mm of powdery dust from the surface and walls in preparation for treatment with Soil Solutions underground dust control agent. The dust control agent is a permanent wetting agent which permanently keeps the surface wet and continuously wicks into the soil to suppress dust. The safety attributes of the dust control agent are that it is odorless, non-slippery, and non-flammable, make it ideal for underground treatments. The application was done manually with a pump and spray system placed on the back of a truck or trailer, as height restrictions prevailed in the underground areas. The application was done without interruption to traffic and while the mining operation continued preventing loss of downtime or production loss.

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