For a Gold mine to run efficiently and productively there are many extraneous unforeseen conditions that arise and impede the daily functioning of the mine in resulting in hazardous working conditions and that could even lead to a loss in production.

This was the case at Great Basin Golds’ Burnstone Gold Mine, a mine which was in development for four years and produces ore from the Kimberley Reef from between 300m and 400m making it a shallow operation and unusual for a Wits Basin gold mine. The decline shaft to the ore body is 3.5 km long and the main traffic areas became clogged with fugitive and windborne dust making dust suppression a matter of urgency.

Soil Solutions was called in to overcome this problem and after an on-site assessment promptly came up with a perfect yet simple and cost-effective solution:

DURASOLUTION, a cutting-edge technology insoluble dust abatement agent was applied neat over a total area of 2,500m which also included the areas leading up to and surrounding the vehicle workshop, the diesel bay, and the brake test ramp area. The decline presented an exceptional challenge given its high usage; Durasolution® was applied on the Decline and 1km of entrance road. 

Durasolution®, a superior perpetual wetting agent and highly effective dust suppression product exceeded all expectations by effectively agglomerating the dust particles together and keeping the surface continuously wet with no water required. This application results in improved compaction and allows for the use of tracked vehicles, safe for underground application, as Durasolution® is clear, and odourless with no dangerous fumes.


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