Wilderness Safaris, after being granted permission from the Botswana Government to build an airstrip, which would allow guests easier access to their lodge, which was previously done by helicopter, contacted Soil Solutions about the use of its flagship product- EBS® Soil Stabilizer.

An environmental impact assessment was conducted prior to the construction of the airstrip, as the sensitive nature of the Kalahari Plains National Reserve located in Central Kalahari, Botswana required a solution, which had to be both environmentally compliant and sustainable in terms of maintenance and cost.

The result of laboratory tests conducted by Soil Solutions on the in-situ soil indicated that significant stabilization would be required. The technologically advanced EBS® product developed by Soil Solutions is a highly effective soil stabilizer that has a branched molecular structure comprised of millions of molecules linked and cross linked together creating a multidimensional matrix that increases the strength of the in-situ soil significantly and this technology eliminated the need for importing aggregate and significantly reduced the quantity of cement required.

The Soil Solutions runway specialist team visited the site and over a period of two weeks with a local contractor constructed the stabilized layer and sealed the airstrip. Equipment challenges also had to be overcome- as a specialized rotovator attachment was designed and used in the construction process.

Soil Solutions combined technologies of construction methodology and advanced EBS® stabilizer satisfied Wilderness Safari’s Kalahari Plains airstrip needs while adhering to the strict environmental requirements.

Value …. Delivered™ by Soil Solutions
 EBS® was the obvious choice for Wilderness Safaris Kalahari Plains Runway Project – unmatched in its ability to produce the best result.