KOA – A unique real estate concept by Mohammed Zaal, KOA will redefine residential living and working in Dubai.

  • KOA creates communities that reflect the global outlook of the region and a new generation of consumers who demand individual expression.
  • The KOA culture is one of originality and attention to detail balanced with quality and flawless execution. Each development will provide an urban ecosystem that represents innovation, substance, and craftsmanship.
  • KOA aims to revitalize urban developments and lead Dubai’s real estate industry into a new era of cultural and urban enrichment that contributes to the soul of a dynamic new Dubai.

KOA contacted Soil Solutions for the design, construction, and sealing of natural-looking pathways around their Canvas residential project.

The pathways were constructed using a combination of the in-situ soil and available soil remaining from the construction of the Canvas project.

The soil was mixed, placed, shaped, and compacted creating a smooth surface for the application of the EBS Surface Seal. The EBS Soil Stabilizer was applied in several coats then allowed to penetrate before opening the pathways for pedestrian traffic.

The EBS Soil Stabilizer is environmentally friendly and safe for flora, fauna, vegetation, and wildlife and will help provide for a safer, healthier more natural environment for this residential development.

The EBS constructed and sealed pathways will be UV and water-resistant, free from erosion and deterioration, prevent dust and blowing sand, be usable year-round in any weather conditions, and will blend in with the natural environment within this modern urban living development.


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  • Preparation of pathway
  • Prep work for EBS application
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  • EBS constructed pathway
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  • EBS sealed pathway
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  • EBS Constructed and Sealed pathway
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