About On-Course Solutions

Through ongoing research and development On-Course Solutions has developed a unique range of products in order to create more cost effective and sustainable golf course construction and maintenance methods that were previously unattainable.

Bunkertac™ and Hydrotac™ were specifically formulated by On-Course Solutions to overcome unique golf course construction and maintenance challenges.

The condition of bunkers before the advent of Bunkertac™ could certainly make or break a course not only aesthetically but by negatively influencing playability as well. On classic parkland-type bunkers, there is nothing more appealing than razor-sharp lips and immaculate, well-groomed turf contrasting with precision raked sand, which can become every course superintendant’s nightmare to achieve and maintain.

Bunkertac™ is a “state-of-the-art” binding agent and erosion preventative formulated for Soil and Sand Stabilization, which is highly effective on golf courses and eliminates the abovementioned conditions associated with bunkers. Bunkertac™ is highly effective on golf courses meeting all PGA requirements … while simultaneously reducing costs, future maintenance, water usage and the environmental footprint of a golf course. These characteristics made it the logical choice for the lining and stabilization of all the bunkers on the Jumeirah Earth Course in preparation for the Dubai World Championships as well as being specified and used on Nicklaus Design and Els Design courses and the prestigious Blair Atholl course in South Africa.

Hydrotac™ specifically formulated for hydro seeding and erosion control is a highly effective and environmentally safe soil binder, which literally holds the seed in place against wind, rain and erosion until germination takes place. The advanced properties and high performance of Hydrotac™ allow it to expedite root growth, in only one application and without the use of expensive additives or specialized equipment as proven at the Nicklaus Design Serengeti and Els Design Nondela Golf Estates.

About Soil Solutions

Soil Solutions, a company with global reach provides innovative Value Engineered Solutions for road construction, erosion and dust control, gravel airstrips, mine tailings and haul road dust control ensuring Cost Effective and Sustainable Solutions for the Construction and Mining Industries.

The combination from the knowledge gained working in the golf industry by On-Course Solutions with the technical expertise in road construction from Soil Solutions has allowed for the development of the most innovative and cost effective method for cart path construction available on the market, which now through the merger of these companies has expanded to the internal roads, parking areas and cart paths of the golf courses.

Soil Solutions’ flagship product EBS® Soil Stabilizer, a Nano technology binding agent, can be used with the in-situ soil to construct and seal cart paths resulting in a path that not only will blend in and compliment the natural environment of a golf course, but will also wear better, last longer and require reduced maintenance.

The acquisition of On-Course Solutions by Soil Solutions Limited will allow for further expansion of both companies with their mutually benefitting synergies and will also strengthen their market position in terms of services and product offerings.

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