The Anglo Modikwa Platinum Mine, a 450m deep underground mining operation lies along the border between the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces in South Africa and is jointly owned by African Rainbow Minerals and Anglo Platinum.

Modikwa management contacted Soil Solutions with regards to seeking a solution for their Mine Access road which is not only used by haul trucks but also by local buses transporting mineworkers to and from the mine. This was of great importance to Modikwa; a mine, which has an impeccable safety record, and who were equally concerned about the safety and environmental impact of this important access road.

A Soil Solutions team of experts immediately conducted an assessment where they determined that if the road was prepared and shaped properly, utilization of EBS® Soil Stabilizer would allow for a proper sealed wearing course, resulting in a sealed dust free road, that would also be protected from material loss, erosion and potholes allowing for a safer road, improved work cycles, and reduction in water usage.

Mine Managers were instructed by the Soil Solutions team of technical experts on the proper preparation needed and product application method. After this preparation of the road surfaces was completed the mines contractor applied the EBS surface seal.

The EBS Surface Seal provides a protective layer which protects the road surface from soil erosion, crack formation and run off and will ensure long term and substantial cost savings by preserving the road surface and eliminating the need for routine grading and constant watering. This surface is non-slippery as well as being UV and weather resistant. EBS is also PM10 and PM 2.5 compliant in terms of dust control, and environmental and health and safety compliance requirements.

Additional important benefits of EBS® are water resistance, enhanced load bearing capacity, increased tensile strengths and greater elastomeric properties as well as reduction in rolling resistance, reduced freeze thaw heaving and the elimination of corrugation and rutting. The abovementioned benefits of EBS® are of vital importance to Modikwa, taking into consideration its exceptional safety record as well its (LoM) life – of – mine, which at current production levels extends to 2071.

Modikwa continues to be an ongoing client of Soil Solutions for which we also appreciate their business and commitment to sustainable and environmentally safe solutions.