Hydroseeding Introduction

Hydroseeding is, the fastest way to create a vibrant green landscape. It is also the most reliable and effective procedure for growing flora and  grasses for a multitude of soil stabilization, erosion control and re-vegetation projects.

The industry demand for Hydrotac lies in the fact that it is a one-step application process that creates a lush green, beautiful carpet of grass. Approved by the Golf industry – Hydrotac has changed the traditional process of hydro-seeding.

Hydrotac golf brochure
Hydrotac Golf brochure
Hydroseeding for sports turf and golf greens
Hydrotac Sports & Turf Brochure
Atlas Turf distrubutor
Atlas Turf Brochure

Hydrotac for effective hydroseedingHYDROTAC is an environmentally safe, specifically formulated highly effective tackifier.  Delivered in a highly concentrated form, it  is diluted with water, and applied with the seed to the ground, allowing air and sunlight become the curing agents. Hydrotac effectively  “glues” the seed to the surface and holds until the germination and root growth occurs.  This allows effective hydroseeding to occur after only one application compared with the industry standard for 4-5  applications.

Hydroseeding with Hydrotac  – Better for the Environment

With HYDROTAC , you are assured of uniform coverage, faster and simpler loading procedures and reduced water demand. All these attributes only add to the productivity of your hydro seeding exercise, whether as part of an erosion control or landscaping project, in golf courses, hillsides, embankments and other uneven areas, or even parks and other recreation zones.

Golf Course Hydroseeding

Hydrotac – the future of golf course hydro seeding
The hydroseeding of a golf course has always been an important, time consuming and costly component of golf course development.
Typically hydroseeding will comprise of a number of different components including:  Tackifier – Organic Supplement  – Wood Fibre Mulch   –  Hydropam  – Cotton Mulch  –  Stock Absorb   – Fertilizer  –  High Quality Grass seed

With Hydrotac only grass seed and fertilizer are required! 

Hydrotac is completely environmentally safe (non-toxic, non-hazardous, safe and easy to apply) and will result in a decrease of the environmental impact of golf course development as Hydrotac eliminates the need to use other products  which according to Audubon international have the following ecological effects:

  • Pollution of ground water and surface water caused by use of pesticides, fertilizers and other components.
  • Poor stream water quality due to eroding shorelines
  • Withdrawal of large quantities of water for irrigation
  • Degradation or loss of natural areas
  • Health hazards from chemical handling and applications
  • Negative impacts of chemical use on “Non-target” wildlife
  • Unsound turf management driven by increasing and unrealistic golfer expectations  and demands.

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   Hydroseeding Applications





golf course Hydroseeding


Hydroseeding for Landscaping


Overgrazed land - By Cgoodwin - Own work




The case studies conducted proved that the Hydrotac hydroseeding mixture only had to be applied once, not the normal four to six times as was required when Hydrotac was not in use.

Decreases Germination time   — Yes the seeds will germinate sooner!

The most exciting and advantageous characteristics of Hydrotac include its ability to effectively hydro seed without expensive additives and its ability to actually “Speed up” the germination process. This was demonstrated at Ernie Els Nondela Drakensberg Golf Estates in South Africa, where the germination of the Kentucky Blue Grass took place 2-3 days sooner than normal!

on course solutions for golf coursesHydrotac is recommended by the top Agronomists in the world, and has been used on some of the most exclusive golf courses in the world

For  more information on Solutions for Golf Courses see On-Course Solutions the golf division of Soil Solutions International

Reports and Project References

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Serengeti Golf Course Report
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Blair Atholl Golf Course Report
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Houghton Bunkertac Report
Hydroseeding Solutions March 9, 2016