About the Surama Guyana Gravel Airstrip

Surama Guyana Gravel Airstrip Aerial view

Aerial View of Surama Airstrip before the upgrade

The Surama airstrip is located in the heart of Guyana set within a savannah and surrounded by wetlands, forests, rivers, and the Pakaraima Mountains. Surama shares a common border with the Iwokrama International Centre for Conservation and Development along the Burro-Burro River.

Airstrip Upgrade

In an attempt to draw more tourists to this vast untouched part of the World the Guyana Government approached JR Ranch Inc. to find a solution for the upgrading of the local airstrips. A decision was made that Surama would be the first of the airstrips to be extended and upgraded. JR Ranch contacted Soil Solutions to provide technical assistance as well as the Engineered Base Stabilizer (EBS) to preserve the finished surface from degradation and loss of fine material, provide dust suppression, prevent aircraft damage all on an improved surface, which is usable year-round in any weather conditions.

JR Ranch with instructions from Soil Solutions prepared the airstrip prior to our team’s arrival. The airstrip was inspected, final shaping and leveling were completed, water trucks and pumps were assembled and the airstrip was compacted to a smooth finish prior to the application of the EBS Surface Seal. The EBS was applied utilizing three water tankers, which were completely constructed including the spray bars by JR Ranch allowing for timeous and efficient application.

The application of the EBS Surface Seal seals and protects the surface from erosion; loss of fines, cracking and most importantly eliminates dust allowing for increased safety, visibility and a significant reduction in the runway as well as aircraft maintenance. Additionally, the upgraded airstrip allows for improved aircraft acceleration, increased skid resistance, reduced damage to aircraft and better pilot visibility.

The environmentally friendly upgrade of the Surama Guyana Gravel Airstrip completed in conjunction with JR Ranch and Soil Solutions has provided tourists with an opportunity to explore this amazingly untouched eco-tourist part of Guyana within the Amazon forest. Upon completion of the airstrip several of the local Governmental Ministers inspected and approved the Surama airstrip.

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