100% Natural and ECO Friendly Mineral Soil Additive – TEKNOMINERAL

Absorbs heavy metals and toxins found in soil and protects flora and vegetation. It is added to fertilizers which are then mixed in with the soil at the plants root level

Soil Additive -Teknomineral

What is TEKNOMINERAL Soil Additive?

Natural Fertilizer Additive – Soil Regulator – Water Retainer

TEKNOMINERAL Soil Additive is a 100% natural mineral that contains a high percentage of clinoptilolite. 

TEKNOMINERAL Soil additive has high ion exchange capacities.

Benefits of Using TEKNOMINERAL Soil Additive in Agricultural Farming

100% natural soil additive

TEKNOMINERAL Soil Additive is essential for ORGANIC FARMING!

  • 100%  natural material and does not include any harmful substances
  • Highly effective soil conditioner and fertilizer additive
  • Works as a carrier and regulator in the soil
  • Absorbs the toxins and heavy metals that are in the soil, and protects and prohibits the plant from absorbing them
  • Used in the treatment of overly fertilized and salty soil
  • Increases water retention capacity of the soil holding the beneficial elements and water and then slowly releasing into the soil
  • Prevents the loss of fertilizers and the nutrients in the soil from rain water
  • Essential for use in sandy or high clay content soil
  • Increases productivity and product shelf life
  • Ensures that the plants are green and lively
  • Assists with a healthier blooming period in flowers
  • Ensures that fruits and vegetables retain the quality of their taste as well as increasing their freshness period
  • Prevents roots from rotting, improves root structure and increases the amount of roots

Usage of Mineral Soil Additive:

  • Risk and Security – Non toxic and Hygroscopic
  • Productive Usage – To mix with soil at the roots of plants
  • Storage Usage – Closed environment without moisture
  • Security – 100% natural – No toxic materials

Chemical Ingredients
CaO % 2,4
K20 %4
Na % 0,2
Porozite % 33
Ph % 8,5

Usage Doses

Fruit Trees 2-10 KG per tree
Industrial Plants 150-200 KG/da
Vegetables 150-200KG/da
Cereal Production 200-350 KG/da
Hazelnut 2.5-5 kg
Strawberries 150-250 KG/da

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