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Soil Solutions has a proven track record with our Intelligent Airstrip Solutions. Intelligent Airstrip Solutions logo With projects world-wide providing Gravel Airstrips & Runway construction and improvements. Our success in providing specifically tailored solutions for the upgrade of Gravel Airstrips and Runways in delivering dust prevention, erosion control, and improved sealed surfaces has defined us as the leader in the industry.

Whether for tourism, private, commercial, agricultural, mining or military Soil Solutions will provide the right solution for your gravel airstrip or runway construction or upgrade.
 Our award-winning technology will provide an airstrip or runway surface that will last longer, require less maintenance, be dust-free, highly visible on approach,  safe for emergency reverse thrusts,  have reduced rolling resistance and improved skid resistance, will not be slippery when wet, will ensure reduced damage to aircraft, provide for safe medical evacuations, be usable year-round, environmentally compliant and allow for the safe operation of jet engine aircraft on a gravel runway with the same results as it were a paved runway.

Intelligent Runway Solutions

Dust Control on a Gravel Airstrip or Runway is extremely important in order to maintain visibility and aircraft safety.

Syama Mine Gravel Airstrip
Use of EBS in the construction or as a Surface Seal on a gravel runway will ensure  a dust free surface
Additional treatment of the non-traffic side and perimeter of the runway will also improve visibility and significantly reduce brown out from blowing sand or dust.  This simple treatment is highly effective and will also reduce the damage and required maintenance on the aircraft, as it will reduce the dust blown particles which clog the engines and make Foreign Object Debris (FOD) highly visible.


All dust prevention solutions are not the same.  EBS applied as a surface seal provides long term performance and a hard all – weather surface allowing the airstrip or runway to be used year round.  One application will perform for over 12 months, with only maintenance applications thereafter which decrease over time.

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Our Intelligent Airstrip Projects stand the test of time…

Gravel Airstrip: Limpopo-Lipadi Project Update

Soil Solutions was tasked with designing, surveying, and constructing a gravel airstrip for Limpopo-Lipadi, a private game and wilderness reserve. Located on the northern bank of the Limpopo River in Tuli Block, southeastern Botswana. The project was completed in April 2014, the video below displays the airstrip in November 2018. The airstrip is still in perfect condition, over 4 years later with absolutely NO maintenance! Soil Solutions specializes in the design, survey, and construction of airstrips in remote locations.

Gravel Road Brochure

Gravel Airstrips Brochure


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