Cost Reduction & Benefits for the Mining Industry

Mine Haul Road Construction and Maintenance represents a large cost to any Mine Operation.   To Soil Solutions, this represents the area whereby we can reduce our clients costs the most.

For many years Mining Operations have considered Road Maintenance and Dust control as two different aspects, which often contradicted each other in terms of success.

The new technology and innovative solutions provided by Soil Solutions changes this model completely.SEE OUR COST SAVING CASE STUDIES

Improve the Mine Haul Road – reduce Road Maintenance costs substantially

An Improved Mine Access or Haul Road will have a positive effect and significant cost savings across many different areas, and provide many diverse benefits which will collectively improve the overall operations of the Mine

   Our Approach to Cost Reductions is different. 

There are many products that can be put on a road surface to prevent dust  — BUT what else do they do ?  Consider the following — whatever is put on a road surface effects the following :

Cost and Benefits video
Cost and Benefits Video

  • Improved Safety
  • Improved Work Cycle Efficiency
  • Reduced Vehicle Maintenance
  • Reduced Capital Fleet Expense
  • Reduced Diesel Consumption
  • Reduced Water Consumption
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions

  • Drivers visibility
  • Drivers safety
  • Road surface protection or degradation
  • Vehicle increased or reduced maintenance
  • Increased or decreased tyre wear
  • Increased or decreased work cycle efficiency

Many products on the market may stop dust – but at the same time they degrade the road surface, and are completely inefficient and un-sustainable in what results they provide.
Now you can have an Improved Mine Haul Road – cost savings, and improved operational efficiency and no dust.

   Cost Reductions 

Cost Reductions can be classified in three ways :

  Quantifiable – whereby exact data exists to provide detailed and accountable cost savings

  Measurable – whereby you can benchmark a starting date and compare to a future date

  Intangible – those benefits that cannot be quantified or tallied    

We wish to set forth a model based on real data and reveal the cost savings and benefits that were realized

  20 km x 30 m Access and Haul Road   Considered “fair to good ” Condition    Using 2 CAT 777F Water tankers  at 16.4 hours per day  Using a CM16M Grader    10x CAT 789 for hauling

   Quantifiable Cost Savings: 

For a detailed quantifiable cost and Benefit analysis contact us.

Measurable Savings

Improved Rolling Resistance — according to the CAT handbook and a CAT 777D – a medium reduction in Rolling Resistance will result in a reduction in fuel consumption of 18.75 litres per hour / per vehicle x a Fleet of 10 trucks – 200 litres less diesel per hour  — additional cost savings.

Improved roads leads to cost savings

  Reduced Tyre Wear    Increased Work Cycle Efficiency    Reduced  Employee and salary requirement for Operators  

 Reduced Water consumption

   Intangible Savings 

  • Increased Safety
  • Reduced Future liabilities for closure
  • Reduced Environmental impact and public perception
  • Incurred savings from not having to use a Roller on a regular basis
  • Increased Tyre life


Its time to move forward — Improved Roads by Soil Solutions provides substantial cost savings and benefits and will contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of your mining Operations.

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Governments that need to provide public service delivery — reduce your maintenance costs substantially – improve Gravel Roads once and never have to grade again.

   Carbon Emission Reduction 

Cost Reductions & Carbon Emissions Benefits

Soil Solutions Cost Benefit & Environmental Consulting on reduction of Carbon Emissions and Environmental Footprint

Soil Solutions is proud to announce its new division of specific Cost Reduction, Benefit and Environmental Consulting

Our established track record in the mining industry of providing sustainable solutions resulting in significant cost reductions has provided the foundation for the launch of Soil Solutions Cost and Environmental Consulting.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

   What are we offering in terms of Cost Reductions & Environmental Benefits :

Detailed cost savings evaluation based on a mine haul road construction or improvement using our integrated technologies as may be required EBS Soil Stabilizer, and Recycler machines    which will provide :

  • Reduction in aggregate required
  • Reduction in cement required
  • Optimum road design
  • Road protection and dust control;
  • Detailed Ten-year life cycle costings of the capital and  Opex/Maintenance cost of road construction and maintenance as well as the savings compared to existing costs or traditional methods
  • Detailed calculation of water savings
  • Detailed calculation of diesel savings
  • Recommendation for dust reduction at points of transfer
  • A detailed accounting of how the utilisation of our offered best available technologies when integrated into a mine’s operations can significantly reduce carbon emissions
  • Assistance in the implementation of a Carbon Emission Reduction project and the monitoring therefore to provide evidence of reduced emissions which will reduce carbon tax expense
  • Assistance in the implementation of a Carbon Emission Reduction project in order to obtain Carbon Credits


Water is a precious commodity and becoming more precious with every passing year.  Some mining operations are having to choose between refining processes and road maintenance due to water supply constraints — we can significantly reduce the water demand for road maintenance to the superior performance and longevity of our products — this is an important factor not only for cost consideration but in terms of environmental impact

  Corporate Environmental Responsibility

We will provide you with the quantifiable data to prove the reduction in the environmental footprint of your project through the following :

  • Reduction in required imported aggregate
  • Reduced diesel consumption
  • Reduced water usage
  • Reduction in dust emissions from roads
  • Reduction in dust emissions from active points of transfer
  • Extended Tyre wear
  • Reduced Fleet requirement due to increased efficiency and road maintenance reduction

Contact us today to arrange for an initial consultation on what we can do for you.

Cost Reductions & Benefits August 30, 2012