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Dust Control Solutions

Dust is everywhere.
Soil Solutions® provides the most effective Dust Control Solutions.  

Dust is the fine material consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surface areas or carried in the air.

Dust is measured by Particular Microns sizes our Dust control Solutions are PM 10 and PM 2.5  compliant.  DUST IS A MAJOR HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUE . the leading cause of lung dieases, and Vehicle accidents.

Soil Solutions provides proven and effective dust control solutions across many different applications that are smarter – safer – and cost effective  – we don’t just say it guarantee it.


Intelligent road solutions - Gravel roads
Gravel Road Dust

Plant Areas

Sand Stabilzation
Sand Stabilization

Pit and Mine Haul road dust control
Mine Haul Roads

Mine Tailings

dust machines for active stockpiles
Active stockpiles

Durasolution for Helipads
Gravel Airstrips & Helipads

Underground Dust Control
Underground Dust


Dust although a simple thing causes serious problems:

Health Issues when inhaled   Visibility issues for drivers and pilots   Creates increased maintenance for Vehicles, Aircraft and Equipment

By Controlling Dust  – We provide a Healthier and Safer environment .

   Our Dust Control Solutions: 

EBS-Engineered Base Stabilizer part of dust control solutions

EBS Soil stabilizer

EBS™ is applied as a Surface Seal to areas that require dust control. Different Application rates are used depending upon the type of area and required duration of performance.  The high grade of EBS allows it to deliver long term performance and substantial cost reductions. ONE application provides long term Dust Control which delivers a cost effective and a environmentally sustainable solution.

On Gravel Roads  EBS™ delivers greater benefits that other products as with only one application EBS provides long term results and eliminates the need for costly maintenance requiring grading, rolling and watering for Dust Control.READ MORE

   See EBS in Action

EBS - engineered base stabilizer video
EBS Soil Stabilizer brochure

   EBS is used on:

Mine Haul Roads

 Mine Tailings


 Sand Stabilization

 Gravel Airstrips

 Gravel Race Tracks

Durasolution Dust Control for Plant AreasDURASOLUTION

Engineered Water-Less Dust Control for Challenging Environments 

Durasolution™  is a non-slippery, crystal clear, odourless, environmentally compliant dust control solution for specialized areas.  Durasolution is Applied Neat – Requires No Dilution and therefore provides a viable solution for areas that have water scarcity. As a non-adhesive, non-stabilizing perpetual wetting agent Durasolution is ideal for Mining Pit Roads, Mining Underground, areas where tracked vehicles are in use, Military applications, Equestrian 

The advanced formulation of Durasolution™  allow it to be re-workable, as it is primarily a non-adhesive non-binding “perpetual wetting agent”. Durasolution™  starts working immediately upon contact and continues to perform even when the soil is re-worked, thus effectively eliminating the need for grading, watering.  Durasolution can be applied in freezing temperatures making it ideal for colder climates.  The Application rates of Durasolution can be adapted to any objective and budget.READ MORE

   See Durasolution in Action

Durasolution Video
Durasolution brochure
Durasolution Brochure

   Durasolution is used on:

Plant Areas

Temporary Roads 

 Mine Roads

Underground Mining 





Dust Control at active points is perhaps the most challenging to provide.

Crushing and Screening Plants, Blasting Areas, Active Stockpiles, Transfer points and conveyor belts all emit dangerous airborne dust particles.

The mobile IDM Industrial Dust Machine is the most advanced and powerful force against dust emissions and airborne dust fallout generated by rock crushing, screening, conveyor and transfer points by delivering a matchless ability to manage and mitigate dust fallout which can be attributed to its standalone technology.

The IDM produces micro-mist particles of water that trap dust particles in the air and guide them back to the ground and is a cost efficient way of managing dust fallout that is of substantial value to construction sites, demolition areas, landfills, mining and quarrying operations, recycling and scrap yards, concrete and aggregate operations, stockpiles, steel and slag piles, conveyor belts, tipping transfer points and shipping ports.READ MORE

   See IDM Industrial Dust Machines in Action

IDM dust machine Video
Ondustrial Dust machine brochure
IDM Dust Machines Brochure

  IDM used on:

Construction Sites

Demolition Areas


Mining & Quarrying Operations

Concrete & Aggregate Operations

Stockpiles & Tipping Transfer Points


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