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Sand Stabilization Solutions

Sand Stabilization
is an important way to prevent sand from blowing and accumulating on roads which results in severe and unsafe driving conditions.

  • Road Shoulder Sand Stabilization – to keep roads safe  
  • Railway Protection & Prevention  
  • Sand Storm Mitigation 

   Sand Stabilization for Road Safety

   The Problem

Blowing and Drifting Sand that creates dangerous driving conditions  

With Proper Road Shoulder Stabilization This Will Not Happen!

   The Solutions: 

Soil Solutions provides a SIMPLE – EASY – COST EFFECTIVE Solutions for the treatment of the sides and embankments of roads that run through sandy areas – this will prohibit sand blowing and collecting on the roads – will greatly improve visibility and road safety.   One application of EBS Soil Stabilizer  applied to the shoulder/sides of the road will stop blowing and drifting sand.  This initial Application will last 5 + years. Easy to Apply, Environmentally safe, and will leave the sand in its natural colour .  contact us today to ensure safer driving conditions

  Sand Stabilization for Runways and Airstrips

Increase Visibility and Reduce Maintenance with the effective treatment of the shoulders and side areas of the Runway. One light surface application of EBS Soil Stabilizer on these non-trafficked areas will stop dust and sand blowing onto the runway surface for 5 years or longer.

Soil Solutions provides important, innovative and Value Engineered Solutions® that address the real challenges we currently face

Sand Stabilization for:

 Road Shoulders   Airstrip Shoulders Runways


Value … Delivered.

  Sand Stabilization as a Solution to Reduce the Effects of Sand and Dust Storms

Sand Dust Storm
Dust Storm over City - Dubai


Soil Solutions provides long-term and sustainable solutions to combat the transcontinental phenomena of Sand and Dust Storms that are a result of frequent droughts and land degradation largely as a result of unsustainable agricultural practices, poor water resources management as well as areas affected by conflict, or simply a consequence of geography if a location borders a desert area.

Sand and Dust Storms, (referred to as DSS or SDS by the international community) are now regarded as an environmental problem due to human impact caused by forest reduction, soil degradation and desertification rather than being simply a natural seasonal phenomenon.

Wind-borne DSS/SDS not only can seriously damage agricultural production and living conditions, negatively impact basic infrastructure and destroy ecosystems in the DSS source area, but atmospheric pollution also impacts global climate by forming clouds of DSS suspended particulate acting as nuclei to form precipitation.

Soil Solutions has developed a simple process of sand stabilization that will reduce the impact of DSS through cost-effective erosion control, soil stabilization and dust abatement solutions utilizing innovative technologies to alleviate the paralyzing effects to daily life and businesses and the significant threat to health posed by these storms.

Specific areas where Soil Solutions is looking to become involved is with the UNEP’s flagship Sand and Dust Storms project, a regional initiative targeting Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Syria , that has the objective of reducing the impact of Sand and Dust Storms in the region. These storms have escalated at a blistering pace, paralyzing daily life and businesses and leading to significant health problems. agricultural practices, poor water resources management as well as areas affected by conflict, or simply a consequence of geography if a location borders a desert area.

Soil Solutions has a simple, safe and effective solution.


Our EBS Sand Stabilizer can be applied onto sand in a light application rate providing a light sand stabilization that creates a “Sand Break” similar in theory to a “fire break”, creating breaks at outside perimeter marks of populated areas that may border desert environments.

We have developed a Sand Stabilization solution that would significantly lessen and possibly remove the impact felt by residents and developments of these terrible sand and dust storms , through a simple process of creating a barrier zone which will stop the development of the storm, and force it to drop rather than carry on and gain momentum.

A sand storm starts with only a few particles , building up similar to the “snowball effect” if you can stop the build up – you can stop the storm. This could be accomplished through the creation of barrier strips. This barrier zone is essentially a “sand break” that will stop the ventrilvencation (build up) of the storm, a sand storm gains momentum from picking up of loose sand particles – creating a “break” or section where there is no loose particles to collect – the storm will stop building and defuse. This is simple to do, on these non traffic areas – the application will last for 5-8 years pending application rate.

Environmentally safe, UV resistant – a simple effective solution
Value … Delivered.

   Sand Stabilization in Action

Nestle Dust Sand Stabilization Project Video
Nestle Dust Sand Stabilization Project Video
Sand Stabilization Brochure
Sand Stabilization Brochure

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