Military Applications and Solutions that will eliminate dust in the harshest and most demanding military conditions.

Soil Solutions provides cost effective and tailor made solutions for the Military.

MIlitary Applications Brochure

MIlitary Applications Brochure

Incorporating Soil Solutions products and services into the operations at your military base will ensure:

  • Reduced threat of dust-related casualties during military operations
  • Improved mobility in theatre of operations and in transport
  • Prevention of brown-out conditions during helicopter landings
  • Improved support maneuvers and operational efficiency
  • Enhanced visibility along lines-of-communication and in base camps
  • Decreased vehicle and aircraft maintenance
  • Reduced threat of FOD related incidents
  • Improved surface conditions of roads, helipads and airstrips
  • Effective dust mitigation in expeditionary environments
  • Reduced logistical footprint with regard to equipment and machinery
  • Prevention of wind erosion and dust cloud formation from helicopter rotor wash
  • Reduced surface erosion from normal military operations
  • Effective Border Control

  Military Applications for Airstrips/Runways

Soil Solutions has developed new and innovative technologies through ongoing research and testing that have resulted in unsurpassed methodology for the construction, improvement and upgrading of gravel airports/runways that are essential in providing a solution for the military in overcoming demanding operational conditions.

airstrip military aircraft m-ID-3





Soil Solutions Intelligent Airstrip Solutions make us the leading provider of advanced combined technologies that allow for cost-effective and sustainable Value Engineered Solutions®, construction, and upgrades to Military Airstrips.

Using the highly effective EBS Soil Stabilizer developed specifically by Soil Solutions for stabilizing and surface sealing of Military Airstrips will ensure a surface that is UV and weather-resistant, protected from erosion, safer and will allow for a dust-free surface making it highly visible to approaching aircraft while providing a non-slippery surface for wet conditions.

The unequalled performance of EBS on a Military Airstrip will result in a long-lasting surface that will require less maintenance, no dust, and prevention of damage to aircraft by making FOD highly visible. The improved skid resistance characteristics of the EBS surface seal has been proven to increase aircraft acceleration and reducing costly maintenance to expensive military aircraft.

See here for more EBS Soil Stabilizer information  |  See here for more information on Airstrips and view the Kahama Airstrip video in the middle of the page and also view the Introduction to Intelligent Airstrip video located under the intelligent Airstrips tab.

  Military Applications for Helipads

Soil Solutions provides cost effective and Value Engineered Solutions® for the construction and upgrade of military helipads.

EBS Engineered Base Stabilizer
Military Applications for Helipads
Durasolution Dust Control for Plant Areas
Military Applications for Helipads

Soil Solutions delivers real solutions that are cost effective and easy to implement that address the challenges of Helicopter use in remote military areas.

Depending upon if the requirement is for a long-term solution or a temporary situation – we provide the products that will counter dangerous Brownout conditions created by rotary-wing aircraft operations that cause zero visibility conditions that can result in serious accidents often accompanied with loss of life in the course of sustained military operations and assigned missions throughout the World.

It is important to note that helicopters hovering over areas where there is loose dirt or gravel can damage the rotors and propel FOD onto runways and taxiways creating hazardous conditions, the incorporation of EBS Soil Stabilizer or Durasolution depending upon the material and situation will eliminate costly damage and unsafe operating conditions.

An EBS or Durasolution treated helipad will last longer and perform better while providing the following characteristics:

  • Improved Pilot Visibility enabling safer landings with clear visibility of vehicles and other hazardous objects.
  • Increased Visibility of FOD effecting safer landings and eliminating damage to aircraft.
  • Upgraded Landing Surface to the highest quality and longest lasting surface with reduced maintenance and elimination of soil erosion.
  • Reduced Aircraft / Chopper Maintenance – increased life of air filters and rotor blades resulting in increased flying hours as well as protecting sophisticated avionics from damage.

  Military Roads


Any interruption due to poor quality of roads or the rapid deterioration of road surfaces will have a negative effect in the rapid deployment of personnel and equipment, which in turn will impact the ability of military personnel to effectively conduct combat operations. Military Roads are an essential component of any military operation where large quantities of material need to be transported along lines-of-communication to the operational frontlines to FOB’s.

   Soil Solutions provides innovative tailor made solutions for military roads with a product range that includes:

EBS-Engineered Base Stabilizer logo EBS Soil Stabilizer and Road Surface Sealant – Effective soil stabilization and surface sealing of roads for dust control in order to improve support maneuvers and operational efficiency and allow for improved mobility in theatre and transport.  Allows for increased visibility and application is quick and easy. MORE ABOUT EBS



Durasolution – Wetting agent for dust abatement where tracked vehicles (tanks) operate, for temporary roads and base camp operations to reduce the threat of dust-related casualties during military operations.  Excellent for use on sand. Applied neat – no dilution required. Increases compaction. Easy to apply and can be re-worked if required.MORE ABOUT DURASOLUTION 



Geogrid Solutions – Biaxial Geo Grid System for Soil Reinforcement and Ground Stabilization used for base reinforcement, slope and embankment reinforcement, gravel road construction, runway or airstrip construction, parking lot construction, and dam lining. Quick, economical and environmentally safe technology that restricts encroachment into environmentally-sensitive areas, paves the way for rapid construction, promotes the use of soils available locally while reducing the amount of aggregate required for layer works that in turn improve the load bearing capacity in addition to reinforcing the base layer for ease of transport of equipment and machinery over difficult areas such as rivers or creeks.MORE ABOUT GEOSOLUTIONS 

Please contact Soil Solutions for Value Engineered Solutions® for military applications for your base or operations.

  Military Camps

Military Base Camp

Camp Roads (Lines-of-Communication)Soil Solutions offers Value Engineered Solutions® for soil stabilization and dust mitigation for Military Camps for the following areas:

  • Camp Surrounds
  • Airstrips/Runways
  • Walkways
  • Pathways
  • Tent and shower floors
  • Borders or Perimeters
  • Embankments