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Road recycler machines

Road Recycler Machines

Soil Solutions is constantly innovating and supplying new technologies that improve the process, cost effectiveness and sustainability of road construction.

With Recycler Machine Attachments you can now achieve the same efficiency and high level of performance without the high cost of a self-propelled Recycler or Reclaimer, and negate the need for a crushing and screening plant as these attachments crush stone in-situ.  This is a Game changer for large scale road upgrades and government projects.  The Multi-purpose heads in the Construction Rotor may be attached to a tractor quickly and easily.  The tractor’s PTO powers the grinding head and can be quickly equipped with a stone crusher/stabilizer.

Road Recyclers used on:

Asphalt Roads

Dirt Roads

 Gravel Roads


Mining & Quarrying Operations


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Dynamic Compaction

Dynamic Compaction Technology

Dynamic Compaction is an important component of the Intelligent Road Solutions™  provided by Soil Solutions®  for Ground and Soil Works Improvements

The integration and use of Dynamic Compaction machines into the construction of roads or rails and port facilities will allow for a substantial decrease in the cost of the traditional cut to fill layers and can render a savings of up to 60% or more of the cost of construction as well as the cost of crushing and screening of selected materials.

The utilization of dynamic compaction in a roadbed significantly increases the strength of the wearing course and base layers of conventional roads, gravel roads and mine haul roads in addition to airport runways and railroad layer work in a shorter period of time.

Dynamic Compaction used on:


Rail Beds

Mine Haul Roads

 Airport Runways

 Railroads Layer works


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sleipner-logo ss edit 3

Sleipner Equipment

Sleipner Equipment® increases mine productivity by safely increasing travel speeds over 80%. By reducing undercarriage maintenance times at least 50%. And by considerably cutting fuel consumption and C02 emissions while travelling.

The Sleipner System is a groundbreaking innovation that is changing excavator logistics for good. Traditional methods cost time and money while keeping machines out of work for long periods of time.

Sleipner enables moving excavators around safely and phenomenally faster – every spin of a Sleipner wheel saves you money as well as time to be directed into productive work. This clever system is simple in idea, simple to acquire, and simple to use. And we will help you every step of the way.

Without Sleipner, up to 15% of excavator working time is spent travelling. The Sleipner System reduces travel time by 70% and doubles, or even triples, undercarriage lifetime, significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime while increasing excavator utilization. Sleipner is a sustainable solution. It reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while travelling by over 80%. All this means fewer costs and more profits.

Sleipner machine used on:

Mining & Quarrying Operations

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Industrial Dust machines - IDM

IDM Machines 

IDM Machines for dust control at active points. 

The Industrial Dust Machine (IDM) is the most advanced and powerful force against dust emissions and airborne dust fallout generated by rock crushing, screening, conveyor and transfer points by delivering a matchless ability to manage and mitigate dust fallout which can be attributed to its standalone technology. The IDM produces micro-mist particles of water that trap dust particles in the air and guide them back to the ground and is a cost-efficient way of managing dust fallout that is of inestimable value to construction sites, demolition areas, landfills, mining and quarrying operations, recycling and scrap yards, concrete and aggregate operations, stockpiles, steel and slag piles, conveyor belts, tipping transfer points and shipping ports. Dust Control at active points is perhaps the most challenging to provide.

 IDM used on:

Construction Sites

Demolition Areas


Mining & Quarrying Operations

Concrete & Aggregate Operations

Stockpiles & Tipping Transfer Points

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