limpopo lipadi game reserve - Compaction of Parking Area
Limpopo Lipadi  Airstrip Construction

Limpopo Lipadi, a private game and wilderness reserve in Botswana, of 20,500 hectares on the northern bank of the Limpopo River in the Tuli Block, having realized the need for an airstrip due to the growing numbers of owners and visitors, engaged with Soil Solutions to develop a sustainable airstrip that would serve their needs whilst having a minimal environmental impact.

Two years of consultation and planning between the owners of Limpopo Lipadi and the design team at Soil Solutions yielded the ideal design and construction methodology for an airstrip and parking area that was within the allocated budget and would have a minimal impact on wildlife and the environment and meeting the needs of the lodge, allowing guests and researchers easy access, and also being in accordance with the Botswana Aviation requirements.

Limpopo Lipadi Airstrip, constructed using in-situ material, and EBS®
Once again demonstrating the different approach Soil Solutions takes with its clients and projects in developing specifically value engineered solutions that start at design through to implementation.

Soil Solutions advised every step of the project from the initial clearing to completion. The airstrip was properly prepared using a grader and roller, and then EBS® Engineered Base Stabilizer was applied in separate coats as a surface seal.

 The result is a 1200m x 18m Airstrip, constructed using in-situ material, and EBS® Engineered Base Stabilizer to create a hard, water resistant and erosion proof surface that is easy to maintain. The EBS® Sealed Airstrip is Dust Free with enhanced safety, has excellent FOD visibility and is safe for wildlife and retains its natural colour that blends in perfectly with the natural environment.

Limpopo-Lipadi having previously been awarded Gold by Homes Overseas for “the most sustainable development in the world” received approval and licensing for its airstrip from the Botswana Government on the 29th August 2014.

EBS® Soil Stabilizer with it’s unmatched high performance was the best choice for Limpopo-Lipadi producing the best result for a sustainable and safe airstrip.

Lipadi-limpopo airstrip video-

Limpopo Lipadi Airstrip Construction video