Soil Solutions has developed a cost effective and long term solution for the treatment of Mine Tailings. Dust control on Mine tailings is a necessity in terms of regulating the environmental impact the effect on neighbouring communities, eliminating risk and liabilities for fines for dust control violations.


  • Tailings Deposition Schedule
  • Direction of Prevailing Wind
  • Buttress, Sides and Slopes, Beach Areas
  • Accessibility
  • Existing Condition
  • Current Erosion Problems
Mine tailings management video

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Effective Mine Tailings management will ensure:

  • Decreased liability
  • Environmental compliance
  • Decreased effect on neighbouring communities
  • An over all decreased environmental impact

   Mine Tailings Surface treatments with EBS

Surface Treatments on Mine Tailings require an understanding of the structural integrity of a mine Tailings structure- this we know and understand what can effect the integrity of the structure. We understand the effects of erosion and overwatering.

  • Once applied will provide effective dust suppression for up to 10 years                                                                                
  • EBS is environmentally safe & easy to apply                                                 
  • PM 10 and PM 2.5 compliant              
  • Will not leach into the water  tables
  • Will not effect the structural integrity of the tailings
  • Is effective on materials with high or low PH levels
  • Will create a crust that will not be effected by rain, wind, or UV rays
  • Will protect the surface from erosion
  • Will  prevent any windblown dust

EBS eliminates the need for expensive maintenance, intensive shade cloth barriers or irrigation systems, no further water use for dust suppression is required.

Contact Soil Solutions for a full site assessment and Mine Tailing Surface Treatment Assessment.  We will be there from the initial assessment to overseeing product application and a full project report and handoff.

Having the right equipment available for the application to the TSF allows for faster, more accurate and efficient applications, covering an average of 20 to 30 hectares per day. (20,000 to 30,000 m2 per day)

EBS - engineered base stabilizer video

Watch the EBS Video