GeoSolutions is an offering of Biaxial High Strength Grids for Improvement and Reinforcement of Substandard Soils

It’s hard to imagine anything more important to infrastructure development than the basic requirement of material availability, soil reinforcement and ground stabilization. Recent advances in technology together with innovative engineering and construction methods has allowed Soil Solutions®  to meet the ever growing demands for development in even the most challenging areas.

   See Geogrid in Action

Geogrid Solutions video
Geogrid Solutions video
Geosolutions Brochure
Geosolutions Brochure

   Geogrid is used on:

  • Roads
  • Runway Shoulders
  • Steep Slopes
  • Platforms
  • Parking areas
  • Railway track beds

GeoGrids provide a massive increase in the layer works and as such, are an important part of the design specification of an Infrastructure project, especially those located in swampy or sandy areas.

GeoSolutions is one of the technologies provided under our Intelligent Road Solutions™ offerings

Intelligent roads solutionsOur Geogrid & Textile Solutions involve the use of high strength junctions and stiff ribs in a bi-axial configuration, which provide the ideal structure to hold loose soil and aggregate in a rigid layer. The ability to provide increased strength to sub grade material makes this technology perfect for projects that have a challenge of sub-standard material and water drainage issues.

Our Geogrid Solutions (Geosolutions) and applications in road stabilization are yet another way in which Soil Solutions® is leading the way in the implementation of Intelligent Road Solutions™  through the integration of road and soil improvement technologies that solve the developmental challenges we face today.

GeoSolutions are ideal for temporary roads, or Roads in swamp conditions, as well as for sand stabilization.   GeoSolution technology provides a solution for the most challenging of conditions.

 Geosolutions = Less Aggregate… Increased Loading Bearing Capacity = Less Cost!

Having won the plaudits of the construction industry primarily due to their numerous benefits, Geogrids are known to provide the following Benefits:

  • Reduce the amount of aggregate required for layer works
  • Improve the load bearing capacity
  • Reinforcing the base layer.
  • Reduce the requirement for backfilling
  • Reduces Imported Aggregate
  • Reduces sub grade layer thickness
  • Reduces Construction costs
  • Reduces Environmental Impact

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Environmentally FriendlyUtilization of Geosolutions technology maximizes control of differential and vertical sub-grade settlement while increasing construction efficiency and reducing the construction footprint.

The ability of the GeoGrid to form an additional protection layer and when required the creation of initial vegetation growth makes this an easy, quick, economical, and environmentally safe technology, perfect for slope and embankment stability and erosion control. What makes GeoSolutions/GeoGrid technology perfect for steep slopes are their capacity to reduce land use and the quantity of fill required. This apart, restricts encroachment into environmentally sensitive areas, paves the way for simple and fast construction, promotes the use of soils available locally and serves as a cost effective addition or alternative to retaining walls.

In addition for undertaking asphalt reinforcement, the need arises for a unique technology that is not only quick and easy to install, but also significantly reduces reflective and fatigue cracking while extending the structural life of the pavement and reducing maintenance costs. GeoGrid is a durable and efficient solution that combines these benefits with long-term cost savings.

  GeoSolutions for Intelligent Roads

GeoGrid can be combined with EBS™ – Soil Stabilizer to create a strong and multi layer surface while allowing for significant savings in terms of reduced aggregate.

Another Engineered Solution provided by Soil Solutions®  Consider it Solved.

   BIAXIAL GEOGRID – Less Aggregate More Strength

GeoGrid technology


BIAXIAL GEOGRID is made of advanced High-density Polyethylene TPL composition which allows for maximum strength

  • Reduces the volume of aggregate required
  • Provides increased transverse tensile strength and longitudinal strength
  • Reduces construction costs
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Reduces overall initial cost as well as the maintenance expense over the life of the project
  • Provides stability for slopes

GEONET specifications


GeoGrid technology

GEOPOLYGRID spec sheet

GEOPOLYGRID – Strengthening Road Surfaces and Layerworks

GEOPOLYGRID is an advanced and new applied technology that provides an earthwork base material to significantly strengthen road surfaces and layerworks. GEOPOLYGRID is composed of high strength polyester yarns coated with an inorganic sizing agent.

High Tensile Strength Low Elongation Tear-Resistant

Non-Corrosive  Long Lasting Alkali-Resistance

Increased Stability and Load Bearing Capacity

GEOPOLYGRID can be sprayed with EBS Soil Stabilizer for increased strength

   Applications include:

  •  Reinforce roadbeds in soft soil for roads, railways, airstrips, irrigation channels
  •  Reinforce riverside, embankments and side slopes
  •  Strengthen the surface of roads and bridges 

GEOPOLYGRID Specifications


GeoGrid technology

Geofibreglass spec sheet

GEOFIBREGLASS –  Geogrid that Strengthens Poor and Low Bearing soils

  • GEOFIBREGLASS is a Geogrid that has been woven with a fiberglass filament. This material has a high vertical and horizontal tensile strength, low unit extension, high flexibility, and favorable high and low temperature resistance.
  • GEOFIBREGLASS is used widely to increase the strength of asphalt road surfaces, concrete roads and roadbeds (both soft and hard road surfaces). Compared with the traditional road surface, GEOFIBREGLASS will reduce cost, prevent road decay, and extend road life.
  • GEOFIBREGLASS is an excellent material to strengthen poor and low bearing soils and can be used for railway, airport, irrigation work, dyke, etc, and the roadbed.

GEOFIBREGLASS specifications


GeoGrid technology

GEONET Spec sheet

GEONET  For Erosion Protection

  • GEONET is made of high-density polyethylene
  • GEONET is UV Resistant , long lasting and Protects against Erosion.
  • Using GEONET on the roadbed of the roadway and railway will distribute the load effectively, improve the load bearing capacity and the stability of the roadway, and prolong its service life.
  • Spreading GEONET in the dyke protection in the reservoir or river will stabilize and prevent landslides.
  • GEONET provides flexibility and increased erosion resistance.
  • GEONET can be used in coastal engineering to decrease erosion.

GEONET specifications



3D-erosion-control-mat spec sheet

3D EROSION CONTROL MAT – Erosion Control & Seeding

3D – EROSION CONTROL MAT is a 3D matrix geosynthetic, that is used to retain water, increase seeding and allows for improved greening efficiency

Highly Effective Erosion Control   •  Allows For Effective use of Seeding

  • Protects seeds from erosion, wind, and water until effective germination takes place.
  • Forms a compound protection layer for the vegetation, preventing washout of the high water level and large speed current.
  • Replaces expensive concrete, asphalt, and blocks, in the slope surface protection of roadway, railway, riverslopes, dyke, and the hillsides.






Taking short-fiber as raw material, PP short-fiber pinprick Geo-cloth is manufactured with carding cross-laying equipment and prickling equipment.

This PP Short Fiber Geotextile was specifically designed for application in water conservancy, road and railway for strengthening, separation, reversed filter and drainage of projects.

  • Can be used for Agronomic applications
  • Can be used for Agricultural applications as a base for growing medium


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