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EBS Soil Stabilizer

Engineered Soil Stabilizer  —  For Intelligent Roads and Runways 

The most technologically advanced product developed by Soil Solutions,  EBS is a Nano Co-Polymer  that is a highly effective Soil Stabilizer and Surface Sealer that increases the strength of the existing soil and provides a hard water resistant surface.  EBS Soil Stabilizer is used for Road Construction, Road Upgrades, Gravel Airstrips, Road Surface Seal, and topical applications for dust and erosion control.  Benefits include Reduced Costs –  Increase Sustainability Reduction of Imported Aggregate – Complete Erosion Control and Water Resistance – Reduced Maintenance  the success of EBS is due to to the customised methodologies and applications that Soil Solutions provides for each client and project  Read More

Durasolution for Continuous Dust Control

Durasolution Dust Control

Durasolution is a waterless dust control solution for the most challenging environments.  Durasolution performs in the harshest of both hot and cold climates and is ideal for temporary or substandard roads.   Durasolution is a highly effective and sustainable wetting agent & compaction aid.  Applied neat requiring no dilution, this crystal clear and odourless liquid provides continuous dust control while reducing environmental impact.  The application rate of Durasolution can be adapted to any requirement or budget.   The re-workability of Durasolution allows it to be extremely versatile. Durasolution has consistently proved its effectiveness in the most challenging applications such as military installations, helicopter landing areas, unpaved roads, access roads, underground mine & open cast mining operations, and even delicate areas such as equestrian arenas and horse and camel race tracks.Read More

Hydrotac for Hydro seeding

Hydrotac  Hydro Seeding

HYDROTAC is an environmentally safe, specifically formulated highly effective tackifier.

Hydrotac acts as a soil binder that in effect “holds” the hydroseed mixture to the surface of the ground until the germination and root growth occurs.  Hydroseeding is the fastest way to create greenery and to rehabilitate areas.

It is also the most reliable and effective process for growing flora and  grasses for a multitude of  erosion control,  re-vegetation, and golf course projects. The soaring popularity of using Hydrotac lies in the fact that it is a one-step application process that creates a lush green, beautiful carpet of grass.  Initially developed for the golf industry as as more cost effective and environmentally safe method of hydro-seeding, Hydrotac is now used in multiple applications including embankments, rehabilitation, erosion control & stockpiles.

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DURATRACK Dirt horse racing track technology

DuraTrack Horse Racing Tracks

Introducing a game changer for the Horse Racing Industry!  DuraTrack is a new and innovative product that was developed for Dirt Horse Racing Tracks using proven methodologies of Soil Mechanics and Innovative technology.  DuraTrack provides a homogenous and consistent moisture content throughout and is the perfect solution for Horse Racing Tracks and for Endurance Racing. We deliver Consistency – so the consistency of the race track will not vary day to day.

Every horse owner knows that the health of your horse a top priority – Soil Solutions knows this too and with DuraTrack will allow Horse Owners to provide the very best in protection from injuries and health issues. Read More

GeoGrid technology for road construction and upgrades

Geogrid Technology

Geogrid Solutions, involve the amalgamation of high strength junctions and stiff ribs, which ensures the ideal automatic retention of loose soil and aggregate into a rigid layer. This property makes the technology perfect for a multitude of commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

Geogrids have become an inseparable part of working platforms, parking areas, railway track beds, roads, airports and airfields, housing developments, warehouses, tunnel lining, steep slopes and asphalt reinforcements, among scores of other infrastructure projects, especially those located in swampy or sandy areas.Read More

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