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Erosion Control with EBS – Engineered Base Stabilizer

   EBS provides effective Erosion control – Short – Medium or Long Term.

   One application of EBS will last from 3 months to 10 years pending the material and recommended Application Rate. 

Soil Solutions provides a long term sustainable  Guaranteed  Solution that significantly decreases costs on any Erosion Control project. 

Erosion Control of Malange Dry Port


EBS for Erosion Control

The Malange Inland Port Project in Angola had started construction that involved extensive civils works to prepare the area- when construction had to stop – the investment was protected using EBS Soil Stabilizer – so when construction can resume the area will be undamaged from wind, rain and erosion.



Erosion Control for Slopes & Embankment Erosion Control

Slope & Highway Embankment Erosion control is important in terms of road safety.  The two categories of slopes are ones occurring naturally and those that are man-made, which include landfills, open pit mining and road cuts to name but a few.   Effective Erosion Control with EBS will ensure the integrity and stability of these areas.

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EBS for Erosion Control of Road Shoulders

The shoulder is the portion of the roadway that needs to provide support of  stationary vehicles and for emergency use. Shoulders also provide extra space for maintenance and construction activities and usage for slow moving vehicles, equipment and bicycles.

It is important that Road Shoulder areas be maintained so that when they are needed for traffic it can be done in a safe manner. Usually, the road shoulders are left “un-tarred” thus being exposed to material loss, pothole formation, and dust. On some roadways (rightly or wrongly) they are used by dirt bikes and vehicles that are traversing traffic, the dust from this can be a serious safety issue for drivers.  See Road Shoulder Project 

Mine Tailings Dust Control


Erosion Control for Mine Tailings and Mine Rehabilitation

To minimize current and future liabilities, Soil Solutions has devised a number of specialized applications for the use on Mine Tailings, which improve the integrity of the structures, reduce water consumption and eliminate dust as well as for Mine Rehabilitation requirements as a result of open-pit mining operations.

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slope stabilization


Erosion Control and the Protection of Sand Dunes and Sand Stabilization 

EBS-Engineered Base Stabilizer logo
EBS SOIL STABILIZER, when applied to a sand dune, creates a light crust providing a barrier against erosion, which will prevent saltation and significantly reduce sand storms by holding the sand in place during windstorms.

Slope reinforcement


EBS Applied to Stock Piles

EBS-Engineered Base Stabilizer logo
EBS  will prevent erosion and material loss and create an environment for re-vegetation and rehabilitation of the area


   Erosion Control in Action

Nestle Dust Sand Stabilization Project Video
Nestle Dust Sand Stabilization Project Video
EBS stockpile report
EBS Stockpile Capping Report

EBS SOIL STABILIZER, a highly effective binding agent that provides an ideal cost effective solution, that address all types of Erosion Control challenges.  Easy to Apply – ONE application is all that is required – guaranteed to decrease costs as no expensive and maintenance intensive sprinkler systems or erosion blankets are required.   Contact us today to see how we can assist