Wheelchair Pathway Test Drive on EBS Constructed Pathway

Wheelchair Pathway Test Drive on EBS Constructed Pathway

Wheelchair pathway access throughout the Estate needed

Confined to a wheelchair and needing access through the garden and to essential points throughout the Estate Soil Solutions was contacted to provide a solution for wheelchair access. A pathway around and throughout the Estate was constructed and sealed using EBS Soil Stabilizer.

Wheelchair Pathway construction solution

The wheelchair pathway was constructed using soil on the Estate. The soil was sieved to remove all oversize material then mixed with EBS and water in a cement mixer to create a slurry. The slurry was placed and then spread to an even thickness. The surface was then made smooth using trowels and allowed to cure before the application of an EBS Surface Seal, which seals and protects the pathway from erosion, cracking, and the effects of heavy rains.

The Result

The end result is a pathway that is usable year-round in any weather conditions that provides wheelchair access throughout and around the Estate allowing the owner to enjoy the garden, the ponds, swimming pool and to reach any of the essential areas to keep the Estate fully functional.

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